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Keeping track of my RPG book collection. This is mostly so I can not buy stop buying multiple copies.

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historical d&d


? name cover
D&D Basic Set Rulebook (pdf) basic-set-cover
D&D Expert Set Rulebook (pdf) expert-set-cover
Rules Cyclopedia (pod) rules-cyclopedia-cover


? name cover
Players Handbook 1e (pod) phb1-cover
Dungeon Masters Guide 1e (pod) dmg1-cover
Monster Manual 1e (pod) mm1-cover
Unearthed Arcana 1e (pod) ua1-cover
Against the Slave Lords 1e (pod) asl1-cover
Dungeons of Dread 1e (pod) dod1-cover
Oriental Adventures (pdf) oa-cover
Fiend Folio (pod) ff-cover


? name cover
lost Players Handbook 2e phb2-cover
Players Handbook 2e (premium) phb2pe-cover
lost Dungeon Masters Guide 2e dmg2-cover
Dungeon Masters Guide 2e (premium) dmg2pe-cover
Monstrous Compendium Volume One [mcv1-cover][Monstrous Compendium Volume One]
Monstrous Manual 2e (premium) mm1-cover


? name cover
[Players Handbook 3e] [phb3-cover][Players Handbook 3e]
[Dungeon Masters Guide 3e] [dmg3-cover][Dungeon Masters Guide 3e]
[Monster Manual 3e] [mm3-cover][Monster Manual 3e]

[Players Handbook 3e]: [Dungeon Masters Guide 3e]: [Monster Manual 3e]:


? name cover
[Players Handbook 3.5e] [phb35-cover][Players Handbook 3.5e]
[Dungeon Masters Guide 3.5e] [dmg35-cover][Dungeon Masters Guide 3.5e]
[Monster Manual 3.5e] [mm35-cover][Monster Manual 3.5e]

[Players Handbook 3.5e]: [Dungeon Masters Guide 3.5e]: [Monster Manual 3.5e]:


? name cover
Players Handbook 4e phb4-cover
Dungeon Masters Guide 4e dmg4-cover
Monster Manual 4e mm4-cover

d&d 5e

cover of 5e players handbook

5e players handbook

The latest incarnation of the world’s most popular role playing game.

core books and sets

? name dndb
Starter Set dndb-lmop
Essentials Kit dndb-doip
Players Handbook dndb-phb5
Dungeon Masters Guide dndb-dmg5
Monsters Manual dndb-mm5


? name dndb
Volo’s Guide to Monsters dndb-vgtm
Xanathar’s Guide to Everything dndb-xgte
Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes dndb-mtof
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything dndb-tcoe
[Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons][tfod] dndb-ftod
[Monsters of the Multiverse][motm] [dndb-motm]
Annual 2021
ordered Annual 2022


? name dndb
sword coast adventurer’s guide guide
guildmasters’ guide to ravnica guide
acquisitions incorporated guide
eberron: rising from the last war guide
explorer’s guide to wildemount guide
mythic odysseys of theros guide
van richten’s guide to ravenloft guide
strixhaven: a curriculum of chaos guide

modules and adventures

? name dndb
Hoard of the Dragon Queen
The Rise of Tiamat
Princes of the Apocalypse
Out of the Abyss
curse of strahd
storm king’s thunder
tales from the yawning portal
tomb of annihilation
waterdeep: dragon heist
waterdeep: dungeon of the mad mage
ghosts of saltmarsh
baldur’s gate: descent into avernus dndb-bgdia
tyranny of dragons
icewind dale rime of frostmaiden
[Candlekeep Mysteries]
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight [dndb-twbtw]
Call of the Netherdeep

3rd party

? name cover
Neverland: Fantasy Setting neverland-cover


? ver name type code
2e Core Rulebook core PZO2101
2e [Bestiary] core PZO2102
2e Gamemastery Guide core PZO2103

old-school essentials

cover ose classic rules tome

ose classic rules tome

Including dolemwood, a weird fairy tale campaign setting written by gavin norman.

other pages of interest

? name type code
b/x core rules core
b/x classes and equipment core
b/x adventures & treasures core
b/x monsters core
b/x cleric & magic spells core
ose classic rules tome core
ose classic player’s tome core
ose classic box set core
ose advance player’s tome gold foil core ng-0017
ose advance player’s tome collectors core ng-0017se1
ose advance referee’s tome gold foil core ng-0018
ose advance referee’s tome collectors core ng-0018se1
ose advance reference booklet core ng-0019
ose advance box set core
the hole in the oak adventure ng-001102
the incandescent grottoes adventure ng-0020
Halls of the Blood King adventure ng-0021
isle of the plangent mage adventure ng-0022
waiting Holy Mountain Shaker adventure ng-0023
Carcass Crawler Inaugural zine ng-cc00
Carcass Crawler Issue 1 zine ng-cc01
Carcass Crawler Issue 2 zine ng-cc02
patreon dolmenwood player’s book guide
patreon dolmenwood campaign book guide
patreon dolmenwood monster book guide
dolemwood winter’s daughter adventure ng-0001-02

basic fantasy rpg

cover for bfrpg

basic fantasy rpg
? name type code
basic fantasy 3 rpg soft cover core bf
basic fantasy 3 rpg hard cover core bf
field guide guide fg
equipment emporium guide ee
adventure anthology 1 anthology aa1
adventure anthology 2 anthology aa2
casle by the sea anthology cs1
morgansfort module bf1
fortress, tomb, and tower module bf2
strongholds of sorcery module bf3
the chaotic caves module jn1
monkey isle module jn2
saga of giants module jn3
tales from the laughing dragon module dc1
the blackapple brugh module kh1

other osr

OSR and OSR-like

cover for knock 1

knock issue 1
? name cover
Swords and Wizardry core
kickstarter Stars Without Number core
o1 Worlds Without Number worlds-without-number-cover
kickstarter Into the Odd Remastered core
Maze Rats (pdf) maze-rats-cover
Knave (pdf) knave-cover
Mörk Borg mork-borg-cover
o2 White Box BW Cover core
White Box Red Cover core
White Box Blue Cover core
laminations of the flame princes core
bx options (pod) guide
shipped knock 1 zine
shipped knock 2 zine
kickstarter delver 1 zine
kickstarter delver 2 zine


cover for fate core

fate core system
? name code
Fate Core System EHP0001
Fate Accelerated EHP0002
Fate Worlds Worlds on Fire EHP0003
Fate Worlds Worlds in Shadow EHP0004
Fate System Toolkit EHP0005
The Secrets of Cats EHP0008
Fate Adversary Toolkit EHP0034
Fate Condensed EHP0055
Deck of Fate EHP9015
Centurion Dice EHP9005
Fire Dice EHP9019

call of cthulhu

? name type
Investigators Handbook core
Keeper Rulebook core
Keeper Screen misc

world of darkness

? name type
vampire masquerade core
Werewolf The Apocalypse Werewolf The Apocalypse
Werewolf Players Guide Werewolf Players Guide


? name cover
Cyberpunk cyberpunk-2020-cover
Cyberpunk Red cyberpunk-red-cover

kids on…

? name cover
Kids on Bikes kids-on-bikes-cover
Kids on Brooms kids-on-brooms-cover

dm aids

? name cover
[The Monsters Know What They’re Doing]
The Lazy Dungeon Master lazy-dm-cover
Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master return-lazy-dm-cover
The Lazy DM’s Workbook lazy-dm-workbook-cover
The Book of Random Tables random-tables-cover
The Book of Random Tables 2 random-tables-2-cover
The Book of Random Tables 3 random-tables-3-cover
The Book of Random Tables 4 random-tables-4-cover
The Book of Random Tables 5 random-tables-5-cover
The Book of Random Tables: Quests random-quests-cover
The Book of Random Tables: Quests 2 random-quests-2-cover
The Book of Random Tables: Science Fiction random-scifi-cover
The Book of Random Tables: Science Fiction 2 random-scifi-2-cover
The Book of Random Tables: Ancient World random-ancient-cover
The Book of Random Tables: Modern random-modern-cover
The Book of Random Tables: Post-Apocalyptic random-postapoc-cover
The Book of Random Tables: Cypberpunk random-cyberpunk-cover
The Book of Random Tables: Cypberpunk 2 random-cyberpunk-2-cover

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