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pathfinder and starfinder

Tracking my RPG books. This is mostly so I can not buy stop buying multiple copies.

pathfinder 1e

# cover name ?
PZO1110 cov-PZO1110 Core Rulebook

pathfinder 2e

core rulebooks

# cover name ?
PZO2101 cov-PZO2101 Core Rulebook
PZO2101-PE cov-PZO2101 Core Rulebook PE
PZO2102 cov-PZO2102 Bestiary
PZO2103 cov-PZO2103 Gamemastery Guide
PZO2104 cov-PZO2104 Bestiary 2
PZO2105 cov-PZO2105 Advanced Players Guide
PZO2106 cov-PZO2106 Beginner Box
PZO2107 cov-PZO2107 Bestiary 3

companion rulebooks

# cover name ?
PZO2108 cov-PZO2108 Secrets of Magic
PZO2109 cov-PZO2109 Guns & Gears
PZO2110 cov-PZO2110 Book of the Dead
PZO2111 cov-PZO2111 Dark Archive
PZO2112 cov-PZO2112 Treasure Vault
PZO2113 cov-PZO2113 Rage of Elements


# cover name ?
PZO2201 cov-PZO2201 GM Screen
PZO2208 cov-PZO2208 Advanced GM Screen

lost omens

Lost Omens is the Pathfinder campaign setting.

# cover name ?
PZO9301 cov-PZO9301 World Guide
PZO9302 cov-PZO9302 Character Guide


# cover name ?
PZO9555 cov-PZO9555 The Fall of Plaguestone
PZO9558 cov-PZO9558 Troubles in Otari ordered


I bought the hardcover Core Rulebook but returned it to Amazon as the binding was so poor I was worried about opening it to read it, let alone using it at a table. I later purchased the Pocket Edition and it’s good enough for my use.

# cover name ?
PZO7101-PE cov-PZO7101 Core Rulebook PE

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