well, i’m thinking about buying a macintosh. pretty much convinced xyl that it’d be okay to have one and we can live without ms-windows. i really like the 20“ imac, and as i haven’t had a new computer for years (my fastest is still a p2-350) i’m really drooling over some of the things it can do. i’d love to get into video and music editing and creating my own dvds and photo journals of our trips and holidays, and i think that this would be ideal for it. plus they look pretty cool

i really need to get in and refurb the office and throw out all the junk get some new filling cabinets as the old one is falling apart, and put all the old machines in the garage and out of the way. i’ll probably throw debian on them and just use them as firewalls and webservers etc. best thing about os x is that it is unix underneath and can run x11 apps

well, that and it looks pretty cool too 😉