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david marsh

Hi, I’m David. This is my rarely updated blog. I live in Sydney, Australia.

photo of david marsh

vell, he's just zis guy, you know?

I type using dvorak, and think a dozenal measurement system has a lot going for it. I’m interested in typefaces and design. I like macs and ubuntu.

My latest interest is collecting RPG books.

I’ve been failing to learn morse for several years.

I love listening to podcasts, here’s my list of podcasts from Overcast

My gpg fingerprint is below, but I rarely encrypt email anymore:

CA6F F79D 6394 0902 65D1 F4FE 4538 F5DD DC8B BE7A

Here’s a list I made years ago of things I like. I still stand by it.


I used to do two podcasts. Both are on extended hiatus.

The Marsh Cast

This was made with my kids, it’s not currently uploaded to archive.org

The sand.fm podcast

This was made with my wife. You can find the episodes archived here:

A married couple with two boys, have a quick chat about things they find interesting, tech news or politics, or other events that happen in their lives.


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These are the colours I use, you can see how they look on the test page.

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