i got my rhct


I got my RHCT, woot!

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I long ago disabled comments on on a previous itteration of this blog, but did have some discourse that was worth sharing:

Hi David, Many Congratulations for this achievement. Well done! I am also working towards this certification by self-study. I have Redhat Linux ES 5 installed on my vmware application of the laptop. But, I am limited to whatever information is available on the google wrt RHCT certification. Do you have any suggestions for me. Thanks for your time. -Ashwin – ASHWINPAWAR

Hi Ashwinpawar, I’m not allowed to discuss the exam due to the NDA, the best recommendation I can give you is to cover every item in the prep guide: http://www.redhat.com/certification/rhce/prep_guide/ I was lucky enough to do the RH131 course, and the instructor recommended the prep guide to guide our pre-exam preparation. Good luck :) -Dave – davidmarsh

This tool might help as well: http://trouble-maker.sourceforge.net/ – davidmarsh

Hi David, Thanks a lot for your reply. Thanks for pointing me to prep-guide and the trouble-maker link, this is indeed of great help. Do you think attending an instructor led training for RHCT will increase the probability of passing the test ? Thanks again for your time. I really appreciate it. -Ashwin – ASHWINPAWAR

The training defiantly helped me. I don’t do RHEL work day to day, and was missing a lot of areas around NFS, autofs, file ACLs and specific rpm and grub options. I guess it depends how confident you are, how much you already know and how much money your are willing to use either way. I was lucky enough that my employer footed the bill for the training, so it was a no brainer for me. It would increase you chance of passing, but would you pass anyway? It depends on your current knowledge. – davidmarsh

Thanks a ton. Whatever you suggested, makes sense. I checked the RHCT ILT here in UK, and it’s quite an expansive affair. Therefore I guess I need to take a sensible decision in this regard. I think you gave me lot of insight and I am very grateful to you. Regards, -Ashwin – ASHWINPAWAR