awesome itunes customer support


i’ve only had a small amount of interaction with iTunes Store Customer Support, but I was really impressed with how they dealt with a very minor issue I recently had…

i’m a big fan of the dvorak keyboard layout, and was looking around the apple app store for some way to change the layout on my iPod Touch. I had heard previously that the only way to do this was to jailbreak the iPhone or iPod touch.

I thought I try Dvorak keyboard for iPhone (which provides a Dvorak layout for a single text entry app, not to all the apps like the standard built in layouts). I didn’t pay much attention to the “buy” link I clicked and accidentally purchased Dvorak keyboard for iPad.

When I realised my error, I clicked the “Report a Problem” link included in the receipt email, sending the following to apple:

I meant to buy the iphone version, is there anything I can do to refund this purchase?

I received an automated reply pretty quickly:

Thank you for contacting the iTunes Store. This is an automated reply, but an iTunes representative is reviewing your request and will send you a personal response soon (generally within 48 hours). Meanwhile, you may find the following articles helpful. They address several common customer questions…

I didn’t expect too much.

Later that same evening I received this email from Sue in iTunes Store Customer Support stating that the amount had been reversed:

Dear David,

I have reversed the charge for the item that you did not intend to purchase. In three to five business days, a credit of $1.19 should be posted to the payment method that appears on the receipt for that purchase.

If the order was paid for with store credit and you do not see the refund, sign out and back in from the Store menu.



Nothing too special there. I was happy that they reversed it so quickly and simply, expecting nothing more than a “too bad” response. I sent a simple “Thank you :)” back to Sue, not expecting anything more.

The next day I received this email from Shandi:

Hello David,

You’re very welcome. I’m glad to hear that everything ended up getting worked out. I realize that you were speaking with Sue, but I just wanted to say you’re welcome on her behalf. Please know, that we’re only an email away if you ever need anything. We’re always happy to help.

Nothing makes Apple happier than to hear that we have pleased our customers. I hope that you continue to enjoy the iTunes Store. Take care and have a wonderful day!



I was absolutely amazed at such a personal response, considering this was all over an app that cost only $1.19. It’s one more of the many things that make apple a really great customer-focused company.