cheap storage solution


Here’s a pic of some shelving I put in our garage about 2 years ago. I’ve since expanded to two more sets of shelves.

reflex boxes on shelves

The boxes used to hold reams of paper. Once the paper has been removed they normally get recycled, so no one cares about them being taken. As our office goes through heaps of paper there’s always a few left at the end of the day. As you can imagine, it took a long time to collect so many.

These boxes are great for storage, being cheap (free) and relatively sturdy. When I assembled the shelves I took into account the height of these boxes and as a result they fit very well.

I’m currently experimenting with painting the boxes using leftover paint and sample pots. This has two advantages; It gets rid of the paint that I would otherwise have to dispose of, and it makes the boxes look a bit more tidy.

So far I’ve tried cream, silver, and a flat black. The flat black works best as it makes the boxes look very generic and makes them harder to notice. The lighter colours don’t work well as they need a more coats to conceal the logos on the boxes.

In future as I replace them from wear and tear, I’ll stick with the flat black. Once complete, I hope to update with a photo.