100 things challange


I’m trying to my own 100 things challenge.

photo of messy desk

photo by Jeffrey Beall

So far I’ve tried to do the list several times, but get stuck and eventually give up. A new technique I’m trying is to take my notepad with me and do each room at a time, listing everything that personally mine as I go.

I’ve already cleaned up a lot of items, discarded and given away others, I’m hoping this list doesn’t turn out to be to huge!

The rules of the game (for me):

  1. Personal things only. Anything that everyone uses isn’t counted, and other peoples personal items aren’t but might get organised and cleaned up along the way.

  2. Books are (for now) off limits. I have serval hundred books, most of them stored tidily in their boxes. Once I work out where I can send some of them, I’ll sort through them.

  3. Some items are counted as one group; iPod + cable etc

We’ll see how we go.