flymo h40

our manual push reel lawn mower


I bought a Flymo H40 pushmower from Bunnings in Winter 2010 and thought I’d do a quick post about it for a colleague.

The H40 is a manual push reel lawn mower, which means there isn’t an engine, all the cutting power is supplied by your legs.

Flymo h40 main body

Main mower body from the front

You can buy a catcher for it, but I wouldn’t bother. It’s expensive and it’s better for the grass to get reabsorbed.

Here’s some of the stats that matter:


There are several things that give manual mowers an advantage over the traditional petrol mower:


Of course there are disadvantages as well:

The needed overlap means you have to walk a bit further, but I don’t mind so much as the mower isn’t as heavy as a petrol one, it’s not as noisy so it’s not as tiring, and you don’t have to keep stoping and bending over to empty a catcher.


Here’s some photos:

Flymo H40 in action

Flymo H40 in action

Flymo h40 on wall

Hanging on wall

Flymo H40 back roller

The back roller adjusts height of the cutting blade off the ground and the length of the cut grass. There are four settings. Apparently there's a bolt you can move to get more, but the default is fine.

Flymo H40 blades

Intersection of the curved rotating blade and straight cutting blade. This cutting technique is very similar to normal scissors. The spinning blades are blunt, all the cutting is done by the stationary blade.


Here’s some videos that show how it works and one of me cutting some grass.

Spinning from above. Both wheels can drive the spinning blades, here I’m turning only the left wheel:

Spinning from underneath, cutting paper. Be careful of your fingers if you try this!:

Cutting grass. It’s a bit nosier than normal as I had the blade touching so I could cut paper in the above video. The grass had only been cut two days before but as it had been raining and quite humid the grass was growing very quickly anyway. Normally I only cut it once a week, which is sufficient. My 4 year old son was also helping me with his plastic mower:

  1. I generally set it at the max grass height and don’t change it.↩︎