Chat GPT


ChatGPT is all the rage at the moment. I asked it to tell me about my favourite BX clone, OSE and it did a pretty damn good job:

Old school essentials is a role-playing game system designed to emulate the experience of playing classic fantasy role-playing games from the 1970s and 1980s. It features a simple and flexible ruleset that allows players to create characters and embark on adventures in a fantasy world of their own creation.

Old school essentials offers a variety of options for character creation, including classic fantasy races such as humans, elves, and dwarves, as well as a wide range of classes, such as fighters, wizards, and thieves. Players can customize their characters by choosing from a variety of skills, abilities, and equipment, and can advance their characters by gaining experience and leveling up.

The old school essentials game system also includes a set of rules for combat, magic, and other challenges that characters may face during their adventures. It also includes guidelines for creating and running adventures, as well as a variety of pre-made adventures and other resources to help players get started.

Overall, old school essentials is a popular and well-regarded game system that offers players a nostalgic and fun experience of classic fantasy role-playing.