wednesdays OGL videos


Here’s todays videos that I’ve watched about the OGL and related items.

The first video by Ben is a great place to start looking at alternate systems.

Alternatives to DnD 5e from the OSR

by Questing Beast (runtime: 9m 58s)

WOTC Has Zero Jurisdiction

by Renfail (runtime: 7m 42s)

The reality of the OGL chaos surrounding Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons and Dragons is that they really have no say on what is “legal” or “illegal” because they have no jurisdiction. They are not law enforcement. They can claim anything they want; that does not make their OGL 1.2 license internationally applicable.

Do NOT divide the OpenDnD movement

by Indestructoboy (runtime: 7m 1s)

Linda Codega’s Tweet:

Nerd Immersion & My Lawyer Friend’s Analysis:

WotC, here’s step 1 to fixing the OGL Issue

by Indestructoboy (runtime: 1m 51s)

Wizards of the Coast takes a 20% cut from every sale on the DMsGuild. I am recommending that while this OGL leak controversy plays out that they surrender this royalty as not to affect 3PP creators.

The NEW Way to Play D&D

by Deck of DM Things (runtime: 4m 49s)

It’s a new era for Dungeons and Dragons, and the D&D community stands firmly against Wizards of the Coast. How can you keep playing D&D in such a state? The short answer is any way that doesn’t give money to WoTC. Let’s talk about that.

WOTC’s Newest OGL Ruse

by the DM Lair (runtime: 9m 37s)

Now that Wizards of the Coast has been exposed for trying to sneak behind the D&D community’s back with an update to the Open Gaming License (OGL), they are changing their tactics. WOTC now claims they want to open a conversation with us about the new OGL v1.2, and they’ve released a draft and solicited our feedback. At first glance, this may seem great, but upon deeper analysis, we find that Wizards is really up to their old tricks, just using a different ploy – since the last one failed. The fact of the matter is that OGL v1.2 is still really bad, and WOTC continues to say that they will attempt to unauthorize OGL v1.0a, something that is IN BAD FAITH and illegal. So, today we dig into some of the new ways WOTC leadership is trying to obfuscate the truth and pull the wool over the Dungeons & Dragons community’s eyes yet again.

The Rules Lawyer’s video on OGL v1.2, a good in-depth breakdown:

What People Get WRONG

by Heath’s Geekverse (runtime: 3m 31s)

There is a lot of confusion about what the OGL controversy regarding the D&D brand is actually about. It is NOT about the D&D trademark, the D&D brand, or anything that has to do with how Hasbro or WotC uses its intellectual property. It is about WotC’s and Hasbro’s attack on the foundry of open licensing and what open license are, which has wide ramifications across many industries, especially the software industry. This is especially important given the Open Game License (OGL) controversy surrounding Dungeons & Dragons (DnD, D&D) and Wizards of the Coast (WotC).

GeekWire States Only WotC Could Dethrone D&D

by Tenkar’s Tavern (runtime: 15m 45s)

I take a peek at a very good analysis of the OGL shitshow on Geekwire. Well worth the read.