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What a turn around


WotC, after sustained community backlash, have posted OGL 1.0a & Creative Commons.

They are keeping the 1.0a version of the OGL intact and have also made the SRD 5.1 (pdf) available under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-4.0) licence.

Key items from their post:

  1. We are leaving OGL 1.0a in place, as is. Untouched.
  2. We are also making the entire SRD 5.1 available under a Creative Commons license.
  3. You choose which you prefer to use.

This is an amazing change from the direction things were going.

Here’s a few article about the change:

Below are videos relating to this news.

Wizards Surrender The OGL!

Wizards Surrender The OGL! WotC’s Full Statement Is Wild

by DnD Shorts (runtime: 6m 3s)

thank you for fighting. I’m honoured to be a part of this community. #opendnd

WoTC Surrenders! Fans Win!

WoTC Surrenders! Fans Win! D&D Rules to be Public! (Ep. 304)

by Dungeon Craft (runtime: 6m 28s)

Wizards of the Coast has abandoned its attempts to revoke the OGL 1.a. Professor Dungeonmaster analyzes.

The OGL Scandal is Finally Over!

The OGL Scandal is Finally Over!

by Dungeons & Discourse (runtime: 9m 17s)


WotC SURRENDERED!!! WE WON!!! Dungeons & Dragons’ OGL is SAVED!!!

by Indestructoboy (runtime: 19m 57s)

Wizards of the Coast has surrendered the D&D OGL after months of controversy and millions in loses.

WotC Surrenders!

WotC Surrenders! … and emails me??

by Bob World Builder (runtime: 8m 16s)

Wizards of the Coast announced that they will not destroy the jobs of thousands of indie RPG creators…and they personally emailed me about it?

D&D OGL 1.0a is saved!

D&D OGL 1.0a is saved! D&D is for everyone again!

by Pack Tactics (runtime: 2m 11s)

OGL 1.0a & Creative Commons:

SRD 5.1 in Creative Commons

SRD 5.1 in Creative Commons Discussion with My Lawyer Friend | Nerd Immersion

by Nerd Immersion (runtime: 17m 4s)

I grabbed @MyLawyerFriend again to discuss what the latest update from the D&D team on the OGL 1.0a and the release of SRD 5.1 into the Creative Commons License means. Looks like we did it after all!



by thedungeondelver (runtime: 8m 8s)



by The Dungeon Coach (runtime: 7m 7s)

The OGL 1.0a is now SAVED thanks to YOU. The D&D community rose up and slayed the dragon of Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast! The Creative Commons and SRD now let us have our game BACK!

WotC Releases All 5.1 SRD Under CC

WotC Releases All 5.1 SRD Under CC and Says 1.0a Will Remain

by Heath’s Geekverse (runtime: 1h 7m)

Get in here and let’s talk about this and what it means for the gaming community.

Insane Twist With The WOTC D&D Drama

Insane Twist With The WOTC D&D Drama.

by Bonus Action (runtime: 8m 26s)

Wizards of the coast appear to have for a full turn around. But is it too late. Is the D&D damage irrevocable?

WOTC Loses OGL D&D Battle

WOTC Loses OGL D&D Battle - Begs Players To Come Back | Hatcher Live

by Hatcher (runtime: 1h 41m)

Dungeons and dragons players have stopped wizards of the coast in their attempts to change the open game license

OGL 1.0 is SAVED

OGL 1.0 is SAVED!! D&D and Wizards SURRENDER To Fans!!

by The Character Sheet on (runtime: 2m 22s)

Huge breaking TTRPG and Fantasy news today as Dungeons & Dragons and Wizards of the Coast have announced that do to massive public feedback, they will no longer be revoking OGL 1.0a, and will allow publishers to keep using the OGL as long as they want! This huge turnaround, after several drafts of the OGL that made it clear D&D and Wizards of the Coast wanted OGL 1.0 gone, is a massive victory for fans who had been pressuring the company for weeks!

WoTC Backs Down on OGL 1.0a

WoTC Backs Down on OGL 1.0a! | Nerd Immersion

by Nerd Immersion (runtime: 8m 25s)

Did we do it? Cause I kinda think we did it?

D&D Goes Creative Commons!

D&D Goes Creative Commons!

by Icarus Games (runtime: 3m 47s)

Thanks to the monumental efforts of everyone in the #OpenDnD movement, D&D is safe (for now) as WotC announce the entire 5.1 SRD is being placed under the creative commons license.

OGL 1.0 is safe

OGL 1.0 is safe, so where do we go now?

by Indestructoboy (runtime: 3m 24s)

WotC Just Blinked

WotC Just Blinked

by Greyhawk Grognard (runtime: 6m 14s)

Wizards of the Coast just released the results of their OGL survey, and made some rather surprising announcements.

Wizards Surrenders SDR is now CC

Wizards Surrenders, D&D SRD 5.1 is now Creative Commons, and OGL 1.0a To Be Left Alone. Did We Win?

by Roll For Combat (runtime: 2h 50m)

Dungeons & Dragons Will Not De-Authorize Current OGL, Releases Full SRD Under Creative Commons License. Did we just win? In this crazy live-stream we are joined halfway through by both Linda Codega from @gizmodo and Derik Malenda from @KnightsofLastCall.

WOTC Surrenders leaves OGL in place

WOTC Surrenders: Leaves OGL 1.0a In Place - D&D SRD 5.1 Available Under Creative Commons License

by Renfail (runtime: 8m 41s)

Did we just win? Wizards of the Coast just announced they are surrendering and cancelling the OGL 1.2 survey and are now leaving the OGL 1.0a in place and moving the entirety of the SRD 5.1 for Dungeons & Dragons available under a creative commons license.

OGL Drama is over

OGL Drama is over. WotC has made SRD 5.1 Creative Commons: D&D 5e

by Treantmonk’s Temple (runtime: 5m 42s)


WotC BENDS THE KNEE, D&D OGL1.0a Remains Unaffected But They Lose A Huge Amount Of Faith And Trust

by Roll For New GM (runtime: 11m 35s)

WotC BENDS THE KNEE, D&D OGL1.0a Remains Unaffected But They Lose A Huge Amount Of Faith And Trust

The OGL Drama is Over

The OGL Drama is Over??? We WON?!?

by SupergeekMike (runtime: 2m 52s)

And I’m not gonna forget that it took them 3 weeks to give us what we were asking for in the first place. Community action works. Clear goals work. They’ve lost so much future negotiating power, it’s wild.


WotC SURRENDERS to the Community Over the One D&D OGL

by OldSchoolNPC (runtime: 3m 55s)

Wow! I honestly did not expect that this is how this One D&D OGL 1.1 mess would end. Instead of having one awful license for the 5e SRD, we now have 2 good licenses for it. The Creative Commons by 4.0 license AND the OGL 1.0a which will not be revoked.

WotC Made Me Do This

Wizards of the Coast Made Me Do This

by Dungeons & Discourse (runtime: 19m 54s)

PC Gamer wants you to throw in the towel

Turns out it was worth staying the course –rdm

PC Gamer wants you to throw in the towel vs. Wizards of the Coast!!!

by thedungeondelver (runtime: 11m 8s)

Original Article:

Hasbro Lays Off 1,000 Employees

Hasbro Lays Off 1,000 Employees, Paizo Sells 8 Month Stock in 2 Weeks | Nerd Immersion

by Nerd Immersion (runtime: 24m 1s)

Seems like every day there’s some new form of content regarding TTRPGs/the OGL situation. Lots of news today!

Hasbro Lays Off 1000 People

Hasbro Lays Off 1000 People, CEO Still Gets Paid

by PleasantKenobi (runtime: 11m 40s)

Meanwhile, Magic the Gathering continues to be the golden goose. This cannot bode well for the future of the game.

Hasbro TERMINATES 15% of Employees

Hasbro TERMINATES 15% of Employees After Dungeons & Dragons OGL Backlash!

by Clownfish TV (runtime: 13m 43s)

Hasbro, owner of Wizards of the Coast, is SLASHING its workforce by 15% after dismal earnings. And this is BEFORE the Dungeons & Dragons backlash would’ve kicked in. They’re even selling off eOne, the production company behind the Dungeons & Dragons movie before the movie comes out!

Hasbro With More Losses

Hasbro With More Losses Takes Drastic Change Before The 4th Quarter Earning Call Feb 16th 2023

by MTG MOX MAN (runtime: 7m 32s)

Rocky Financial Waters

Rocky Financial Waters Ahead for Hasbro? Wizards of the Coast OGL Fumble To Blame?

by thedungeondelver (runtime: 8m 1s)

Hasbro mocked by Investors

Hasbro mocked by Investors over Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons controversies

by Indestructoboy (runtime: 7m 20s)

Major Hasbro shareholder, investor, and hedge fund Alta Fox Capital had a heyday taking shots at Wizards of the Coast over on Twitter over the OGL controversy.

WOTC’s Inspires European RPG Studios Union

WOTC’s OGL Scandal Inspires European RPG Studios Union

by Renfail (runtime: 13m 56s)

In the midst of the OGL scandal surrounding Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons and Dragons, a group of European gaming studios has stood up to form the European RPG Studios Union, a group formed specifically to “promote RPGs as art and protect creators”.

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