rpg and newsgroups

david marsh


Here are the current RPG groups from the Big Eight on usenet.

This post on rec.games.frp.misc started an interesting discussion about the RPG hierarchy and how it’s a remnant of an earlier time, and how a modern structure would look different.

The fact that the description still references TSR is telling.

I wanted a place I could quickly look up what the description for each group, hence this post.

Oh, and for those wondering; frp stands for “fantasy role-play” and the Big Eight is a board that manage the hierarchy of usenet.

group description
rec.games.frp.advocacy Flames and rebuttals about various role-playing systems.
rec.games.frp.announce Announcements of happenings in the role-playing world. (Moderated)
rec.games.frp.cyber Discussions of cyberpunk related roleplaying games.
rec.games.frp.dnd Fantasy role-playing with TSR’s Dungeons and Dragons.
rec.games.frp.gurps The GURPS role playing game.
rec.games.frp.live-action Live-action roleplaying games.
rec.games.frp.marketplace Role-playing game materials wanted and for sale.
rec.games.frp.misc General discussions of role-playing games.
rec.games.frp.super-heroes Super-hero role playing games.