rename and resize commands

making mtg card thumbnails

david marsh


Here’s a few commands I used to make thumbnails for my mtg cards.

For my mtg page, I wanted to add small thumbnails so I could see at a quick glance which card I was refering too, and also to make the page a bit more pretty.

mtg card

First of all, I grab an image from There are two issues I need to solve:

change the file name

The files are named set-99-name.png, and I want them to be just mtg-set-99.png. Having the card name as part of the image filename isn’t needed and just makes dealing with the text harder as the line length changes a lot. Adding the mtg- part makes tracking these files much simpler in the large source dir I use to build this website.

Using the rename command (installed via the homebrew formula):

Note: the -n flag is a dry run

rename -n 's/^([a-z]{3}-[0-9]{1,3}).*\.png/mtg-$1.png/' *.png

This saves the part I’m interested in and want to keep using the brackets and throws away the rest. The file has mtg- prepended, and the saved part added using $1. Lastly it appends .png to the filename.

For example:

$ rename -n 's/^([a-z]{3}-[0-9]{1,3}).*\.png/mtg-$1.png/' *.png
'hml-20-truce.png' would be renamed to 'mtg-hml-20.png'
'hml-22-baki-s-curse.png' would be renamed to 'mtg-hml-22.png'
'hml-41-baron-sengir.png' would be renamed to 'mtg-hml-41.png'

change the image size

This is simple and something I do a lot. As I only want a very small thumbnail, 75x100 or so is good enough. I use this command to loop over the files once they’ve been renamed:

for i in mtg-*.png ; do convert $i -trim -resize 75x105\> $i ; done