thank you noah

david marsh


I recently received a heartwarming email from Helen, who is leading a ham radio, morse code, and broadcasting class for a group of talented 9 to 13-year-olds. It turns out they stumbled upon some helpful items in the morse code section of my links page, some of which they used for a group project.

This is absolutely great to hear, and I’m so pleased they found them useful.

A big thank you to Noah, one of Helen’s brilliant students, who suggested an excellent addition to that page:

This page covers information about the early days of broadcasting, including people I hadn’t heard about before such as Reginald Fessenden and Charles Herrold, the formation of the FCC, and the FCCs role is preventing NBC monopolising the radio spectrum.

It’s a really interesting page and well worth a read. It’s always interesting to learn more about the early days of broadcast radio.

Noah, your contribution is a fantastic find, and I genuinely appreciate your enthusiasm for learning and sharing. Your suggestion was a really interesting read.

To all the young minds out there embarking on these projects – keep the curiosity alive!