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old-school essentials and dolemwood

Tracking my RPG books. This is mostly so I can not buy stop buying multiple copies.

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Old-School Essentials

old-school essentials

cover name ?
cov-bxcr B/X: Core Rules
cov-bxce B/X: Classes and Equipment
cov-bxcm B/X: Cleric and Magic Spells
cov-bxm B/X: Monsters
cov-bxat B/X: Adventures and Treasures
cov-ng-0012 OSE: Classic: Player’s Tome
cov-ng-0014-03 OSE: Classic: Rules Tome Standard (lava cover)
cov-ng-0014se1 OSE: Classic: Rules Tome Collectors
cov-ng-cfb OSE: Classic: Box Set
OSE: Classic: Characters
OSE: Classic: Magic
OSE: Classic: Adventures
OSE: Classic: Monsters
OSE: Classic: Treasures
cov-ng-0017 OSE: Advance: Player’s Tome Gold Foil
cov-ng-0017se1 OSE: Advance: Player’s Tome Collectors
cov-ng-0018 OSE: Advance: Referee’s Tome Gold Foil
cov-ng-0018se1 OSE: Advance: Referee’s Tome Collectors
cov-ng-afb OSE: Advance: Box Set
OSE: Advance: Characters
OSE: Advance: Magic
OSE: Advance: Monsters
OSE: Advance: Treasures
cov-ng-0019 OSE: Advance: Reference Booklet
cov-ng-001102 The Hole in the Oak
cov-ng-0020 The Incandescent Grottoes
cov-ng-0021 Halls of the Blood King
cov-ng-0022 Isle of the Plangent Mage
cov-ng-0023 Holy Mountain Shaker
cov-ng-0029 Adventure Anthology 1
cov-ng-0030 Adventure Anthology 2


Dolemwood is a weird fairy tale campaign setting written by gavin norman.

cover name ?
cov-dpb Dolmenwood: Player’s Book KS
cov-dcb Dolmenwood: Campaign Book KS
cov-dmb Dolmenwood: Monster Book KS
cov-ng-0001-02 Dolmenwood: Winter’s Daughter
cov-dtftctb Dolmenwood: The Fungus That Came to Blackeswell KS
cov-dtraosc Dolmenwood: The Ruined Abbey of St Clewyd KS
cov-des Dolmenwood: Emelda’s Song KS

carcass crawler

Carcass Crawler is the official Old-School Essentials zine.

cover name ?
cov-ng-cc00 Carcass Crawler Issue 0
cov-ng-cc01 Carcass Crawler Issue 1
cov-ng-cc02 Carcass Crawler Issue 2
cov-ng-cc03 Carcass Crawler Issue 3
cov-ng-cc04 Carcass Crawler Issue 4

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