zines and dm aids

rpg book collection

Tracking my RPG books. This is mostly so I can not buy stop buying multiple copies.

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dm aids

cover name ?
cov-bx-options BX Options (pod)
cov-monsters-know The Monsters Know What They’re Doing
cov-lazy-dm The Lazy Dungeon Master
cov-return-lazy-dm Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master
cov-lazy-dm-workbook The Lazy DM’s Workbook
cov-arbiter-of-worlds Arbiter of Worlds
cov-sywtbagm So You Want To Be A Game Master

solo books

cover name ?
cov-old-school-solo Old School Solo
cov-osr-solo OSR Solo

random tables

cover name ?
cov-random-tables-1 Random Tables
cov-random-tables-2 Random Tables 2
cov-random-tables-3 Random Tables 3
cov-random-tables-4 Random Tables 4
cov-random-tables-5 Random Tables 5
cov-random-quests-1 Random Tables Quests
cov-random-quests-2 Random Tables Quests 2
cov-random-quests-3 Random Tables Quests 3
cov-random-1920s-1930s Random Tables 1920s-1930s
cov-random-1960s-1970s Random Tables 1960s-1970s
cov-random-ancient Random Tables Ancient World
cov-random-cyberpunk-1 Random Tables Cyberpunk
cov-random-cyberpunk-2 Random Tables Cyberpunk 2
cov-random-dungeons Random Tables Dungeons
cov-random-fantasy-shops Random Tables Fantasy Shops
cov-random-fantasy-space Random Tables Fantasy Space
cov-random-inns-taverns Random Tables Inns and Taverns
cov-random-modern Random Tables Modern
cov-random-postapoc Random Tables Post-Apocalyptic
cov-random-scifi-1 Random Tables Science Fiction
cov-random-scifi-2 Random Tables Science Fiction 2
cov-random-scifi-3 Random Tables Science Fiction 3
cov-random-steampunk Random Tables Steampunk

merry mushmen

cover name ?
cov-knock1 Knock Issue 1
cov-knock2 Knock Issue 2
cov-knock3 Knock Issue 3
cov-knock4 Knock Issue 4
cov-afbfo A Folklore Bestiary for OSE
cov-afbf5 A Folklore Bestiary for 5E
cov-mm-cc0 Chaos Crier 0
cov-nmorh Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow

delver etc

cover name ?
cov-delver1 Delver Issue 1
cov-delver2 Delver Issue 2
cov-delver3 Delver Issue 3
cov-delver4 Delver Issue 4
cov-delver5 Delver Issue 5
cov-delver6 Delver Issue 6
cov-delver7 Delver Issue 7
cov-tavern Tavern
cov-tavernt Tavern Tales
cov-airlock Airlock
cov-tbot The Book of Tombs

garys appendix

cover name ?
cov-ga1 Gary’s Appendix 1
cov-ga2 Gary’s Appendix 2
cov-ga3 Gary’s Appendix 3

adventures etc

cover name ?
cov-gigecon Gig Economy (pdf)
cov-toxic Toxic Wood
cov-tbob The Beast of Borgenwold
cov-row Rites of Weeping1

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  1. Mini adventure added to rear of the physical copy of The Beast of Borgenwold.↩︎