The Haunted Mansion of Mr. Grenwick

The Mansion

The party is hired by a wealthy merchant named Thaddeus Williams who is experiencing strange occurrences in his recently inherited mansion. The previous owner, a recluse named George Grenwick, is rumored to have been killed under mysterious circumstances. Thaddeus is convinced that the house is haunted and wants the party to investigate and put an end to the haunting.

It is unclear how Thaddeus inherited the mansion, and he will avoid answering questions about it if asked. Regardless of how he came to own the mansion, it is clear that he is concerned about the strange events taking place within its walls and hopes that the party can help him resolve the issue.

Thaddeus Williams

The mansion is a large, Gothic-style building with tall, spires and ornate architectural details. It is surrounded by a sprawling estate, with an overgrown lawn and a dilapidated cobblestone driveway. The exterior of the mansion is covered in ivy, giving it a spooky and eerie appearance. The windows are dark and foreboding, and the front door is a massive, ornate wooden affair with intricate carvings and a large, iron knocker. As the party approaches the mansion, they can hear the creaking of the old floorboards and the distant sound of moaning.

Inside the Mansion

As the party explores the mansion, they notice that the furniture is covered in dust and cobwebs, and the air is heavy with the smell of decay. They hear strange noises coming from the upstairs bedrooms and the attic, and they see ghostly apparitions wandering the halls.

Eventually, they discover the ghost of Mr. Grenwick, who is seeking revenge against his former business partner, Edward Blackwood. Mr. Grenwick reveals that Edward Blackwood betrayed him and stole his fortune, leading to his untimely demise. Mr. Grenwick asks the party to help him get his revenge by confronting Edward Blackwood and retrieving his stolen fortune.

The party agrees to help Mr. Grenwick and sets off to track down Edward Blackwood. They learn that Edward Blackwood is living in a luxurious manor on the outskirts of town, and they devise a plan to infiltrate the manor and retrieve the stolen fortune.

Blackwoods Guards

As they enter the manor, they are confronted by a group of Edward Blackwood’s guards. The guards are armed with swords and shields, and they are formidable foes. The party must use their skills and abilities to defeat the guards and make their way to Edward Blackwood’s study, where they find (unknown to them only part of) the stolen fortune.

In the study, the party discovers Edward Blackwood cowering behind his desk, begging for mercy and pleading for his life to be spared. However, it is clear that he cannot be trusted and it is up to the party to decide how to handle the situation. They can choose to engage him in combat or try to subdue him using non-violent means, such as incapacitation or restraint and to turn him over to the local authorities and let them handle the situation.

Blackwood Hidding

The stolen fortune is a large collection of valuable items and gold coins, including rare jewels, expensive paintings, and ornate pieces of jewelry. The gold coins are arranged in stacks, each of which is worth a significant amount of money. If the party thoroughly searches the room, they will find a secret panel that hides a door with a complex lock. To retrieve the main fortune hidden behind the door, the party must use their skills and abilities to unlock and open the door. The party will need need to be resourceful and creative in order to successfully retrieve it.

If the party has killed Edward Blackwood, they would have missed the opportunity to interrogate him and gain information about how to open the door. However, if he is still alive, he may try to negotiate with the party in order to prevent being handed over to the authorities. It is possible that Edward Blackwood knows how to open the door and may be willing to reveal this information in exchange for leniency or some other form of consideration. The party must decide whether or not to trust Edward Blackwood and consider the potential risks and rewards of negotiating with him. They may also choose to try to extract information from him using other means, such as torture or coercion. Ultimately, the party must weigh the options available to them and make a decision that aligns with their goals and values.

The Door

The lock used to secure the door is a combination lock that requires the party to align a series of symbols in the correct order to open the door. The symbols are etched into a series of circular disks, with each disk having a unique arrangement of symbols. The party would need to carefully study the symbols and figure out the correct sequence to align them in order to open the door.

The party returns to the haunted mansion and delivers the stolen fortune to Mr. Grenwick’s ghost. He is overjoyed and thanks the party for their help. With his vengeance fulfilled, he is finally able to move on to the afterlife. The haunting of the mansion comes to an end, and Thaddeus is grateful to the party for their help.