The Mowing Devil

The party is hired by a wealthy landowner to investigate rumors of a mysterious creature that has been destroying crops and livestock in the area. As they begin their investigation, they discover that the creature is a mowing-devil - a magical, sentient scythe that has been brought to life through dark magic.

The mowing-devil is determined to destroy all plant life in the area, and the party must find a way to stop it before it lays waste to the entire region. They must explore the surrounding forests and fields, gathering information and allies, and ultimately confront the mowing-devil in a final showdown.

Along the way, the party must navigate the political intrigue of the local landowners, who are divided on how to handle the situation, and must deal with the mowing-devil’s minions - twisted, plant-like creatures created as a by-product of the mowing-devil’s magic.

Ultimately, the party must find a way to destroy the mowing-devil and restore balance to the land, or face the consequences of its unchecked destruction.