codes for rpg books

evil hat

Publishing codes for Evil Hat Productions, the creators of the Fate RPG.

code product
EHP0001 Fate Core System
EHP0002 Fate Accelerated
EHP0003 Fate Worlds Worlds on Fire
EHP0004 Fate Worlds Worlds in Shadow
EHP0005 Fate System Toolkit
EHP0006 Atomic Robo RPG
EHP0007 Fate Freeport Companion
EHP0008 The Secrets of Cats
EHP0009 Monster of the Week
EHP0010 Romance in the Air
EHP0011 Aether Sea
EHP0012 Save Game
EHP0013 Don’t Turn Your Back
EHP0014 War of Ashes
EHP0015 Bubblegumshoe
EHP0016 Do Fate of the Flying Temple
EHP0017 Atomic Robo RPG Majestic 12
EHP0018 Young Centurions
EHP0019 Venture City
EHP0020 Fate Worlds Worlds Take Flight
EHP0021 Fate Worlds Worlds Rise Up
EHP0022 Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
EHP0023 DFCO Fan Favorites expansion
EHP0024 DFCO Helping Hands expansion
EHP0025 DFCO Wardens Attack expansion
EHP0026 Kaiju Incorporated The Card Game of Monster Profits
EHP0027 Kaiju Incorporated The Roleplaying Game
EHP0030 Blades in the Dark
EHP0032 Dresden Files Accelerated
EHP0033 Karthun Lands of Conflict
EHP0034 Fate Adversary Toolkit
EHP0035 Greedy Dragons
EHP0036 Uprising The Dystopian Universe RPG
EHP0037 DFCO Dead Ends expansion
EHP0038 DFCO Winter Schemes expansion
EHP0039 Fate Horror Toolkit
EHP0040 Scum & Villainy
EHP0041 Improv for Gamers
EHP0042 Tachyon Squadron
EHP0043 Channel A Alpha Genesis Edition
EHP0044 For the Queen
EHP0045 Shadow of the Century
EHP0046 Monster of the Week Tome of Mysteries
EHP0047 Fate of Cthulhu
EHP0048 Band of Blades
EHP0053 Fate Space Toolkit
EHP0055 Fate Condensed
EHP0057 Fate Accessibility Toolkit
EHP0069 Thirsty Sword Lesbians
EHP1002 Don’t Read This Book
EHP2002 Dinocalypse Now
EHP2003 Race to Adventure Board Game
EHP2004 Beyond Dinocalypse
EHP2005 Khan of Mars
EHP2006 King Khan
EHP2007 Stone’s Throe
EHP2008 Race to Adventure Dinocalypse Expansion Pack
EHP2009 Dinocalypse Forever
EHP2010 Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate
EHP2011 Strange Tales of the Century
EHP2012 Zeppelin Attack!
EHP2013 Zeppelin Attack! Doomsday Weapons
EHP2015 Pharaoh of Hong Kong
EHP2016 Sally Slick and the Miniature Menace
EHP3001 Dresden Files RPG Your Story (Volume 1)
EHP3002 Dresden Files RPG Our World (Volume 2)
EHP3003 Dresden Files RPG Paranet Papers (Volume 3)
EHP8000 Designers & Dragons The 70s
EHP8001 Designers & Dragons The 80s
EHP8002 Designers & Dragons The 90s
EHP8003 Designers & Dragons The 00s
EHP9003 Fate Core Dice Core Dice I
EHP9004 Fate Core Dice Winter Knight
EHP9005 Fate Core Dice Centurion Dice
EHP9006 Fate Core Dice Atomic Robo Dice
EHP9010 Fate Core Dice Valentine Dice
EHP9011 Fate Core Dice Vampire Dice
EHP9012 Fate Core Dice Eldritch Dice
EHP9013 Fate Core Dice Antiquity Dice
EHP9015 Deck of Fate
EHP9016 Fate Core Dice Frost Dice
EHP9019 Fate Core Dice Fire Dice
EHP9020 Fate Core Dice Midnight Dice
EHP9021 Fate Dice Infernal Dice
EHP9022 Fate Dice Accelerated Core
EHP9023 Fate Points Accelerated Core Blue

necrotic gnome

Publishing codes for Necrotic Gnome books.

code product
? B/X: Core Rules
? B/X: Classes and Equipment
? B/X: Cleric and Magic Spells
? B/X: Monsters
? B/X: Adventures and Treasures
ng-00015E Dolmenwood: Winter’s Daughter 5e (Drune encounter)
ng-0001BX Dolmenwood: Winter’s Daughter B/X (Drune encounter)
ng-0001-02 Dolmenwood: Winter’s Daughter OSE Revised Printing (No Drune encounter)
ng-0002 OSE: Core Rules
ng-0003 OSE: Classic: Genre Rules
ng-0004 OSE: Classic: Cleric and Magic-User Spells
ng-0005 OSE: Classic: Monsters
ng-0006 OSE: Classic: Treasures
ng-0007 OSE: Classic: Rules Tome (1st Printing, Dragon Cover)
ng-0007SE1 OSE: Classic: Rules Tome (1st Printing, Basilisk Foil Edition)
ng-0007SE2 OSE: Classic: Rules Tome (1st Printing, Idol Special Edition)
ng-0007-02 Does not exist, see ng-0014
ng-0008 OSE: Classic: Black Box (Dragon Cover)
ng-0008SE1 OSE: Classic: Black Box (Idol Special Edition)
ng-0009 OSE: Advanced: Genre Rules
ng-0009-02 OSE: Advanced: Genre Rules Revised Printing
ng-0010 OSE: Advanced: Druid and Illusionist Spells
ng-0010-02 OSE: Advanced: Druid and Illusionist Spells Revised Printing
ng-0011 OSE: The Hole in the Oak
ng-0011-02 OSE: The Hole in the Oak Revised Printing
ng-0012 OSE: Classic: Player’s Rules Tome
ng-0013 OSE: Classic: Referee’s Screen
ng-0014 OSE: Classic: Rules Tome (2nd Printing, Scryer Cover)
ng-0014SE1 OSE: Classic: Rules Tome (2nd Printing, Scryer Foil Edition)
ng-0014-03 OSE: Classic: Rules Tome (3rd Printing, Lava Cover)
ng-0015 OSE: Advanced: Monsters
ng-0016 OSE: Advanced: Treasures
ng-0017 OSE: Advanced: Player’s Tome
ng-0017NF OSE: Advanced: Player’s Tome (No Foil Edition)
ng-0017SE1 OSE: Advanced: Player’s Tome (Collector’s Edition)
ng-0018 OSE: Advanced: Referee’s Tome
ng-0018NF OSE: Advanced: Referee’s Tome (No Foil Edition)
ng-0018SE1 OSE: Advanced: Referee’s Tome (Collector’s Edition)
ng-0019 OSE: Advanced: Reference Booklet
ng-0020 OSE: The Incandescent Grottoes
ng-0021 OSE: The Halls of the Blood King
ng-0022 OSE: Isle of the Plangent Mage
ng-0023 OSE: Holy Mountain Shaker
ng-CC00 Carcass Crawler: Exclusive Inaugural Issue
ng-CC01 Carcass Crawler: Issue 1
ng-CC02 Carcass Crawler: Issue 2
ng-CC03 Carcass Crawler: Issue 3