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File-sizes and md5sums for Mothership files

Here’s a list of file sizes and MD5 checksums for the materials shared during the Mothership Kickstarter. The majority are sourced from BackerKit, while a few come from Discord.

I’ve made an effort to organise these into something that makes sense. Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful. The files are arranged from oldest to newest, with the most recent version listed at the end of each table.

I’m not an employee of Tuesday Knight Games, nor affiliated with Mothership in anyway apart from being a Kickstarter backer.

All care taken, no responsibility accepted. If you notice any errors or omissions, please let me know. My contact details are on the about page.

Core Books

PSG - Player’s Survival Guide

ver filename size md5sum
0.5 Mothership-PSG2-v0.5.pdf 25631962 8af950064c3cf868a51f5a0f0df980ea
0.10 Mothership-PSG2-v0.10-for-backers.pdf 13394948 751b3cd3ba9754a76a3d21d8da964871
1.1 Mothership-PSG-v1.1.pdf 10888029 15418f8d94ee2f584bd304f0c1d40533
1.2 Player-Survival-Guide-v1.2.pdf 10057437 8726f6509740564e451100d796981cb4
1.2a1 Player-Survival-Guide-v1.2 (fixed).pdf 11213558 b6c405c063b095a3215979dcf41bb078

SBT - Shipbreaker’s Toolkit

ver filename size md5sum
0.12 Mothership-Shipbreakers-Toolkit-v0.12.pdf 26193573 de2c6122a674e06ccc026fbcd5e6030d
1.1 Mothership-SBT-v1.1.pdf 25435742 b65dd9a813badf0e69ce6b9dd60660e4
1.2 Shipbreaker_s-Toolkit-v1.2.pdf 27447779 a65b02e321ed012fdf1ebeb57fce5343
1.2a2 Shipbreaker_s-Toolkit-v1.2 (fixed).pdf 27426573 bc6e039d9149eea9df2903556337150e

WOM - Warden’s Operation Manual

ver filename size md5sum
0.13 Mothership-WOM-v0.13-for-backers.pdf 11474806 c50b56379510ed00d7cdc9f68eec2bd5
1.1 Mothership-WOM-v1.1.pdf 11410303 842f9ac17b6bcb9430bd8bfc608efd4c
1.2 Warden_s-Operations-Manual-v1.2.pdf 9678663 2fdd922003f69960a85ebb6ed7472b2f
1.2a3 Warden_s-Operations-Manual-v1.2 (fixed).pdf 9687311 f0c54b9cf32a172deb81e803b7cafd69

UCR - Unconfirmed Contact Reports

ver filename size md5sum
1.0 Mothership-UCR-v1.0.pdf 68444529 f087c2ed069cef03f7058e29c4c3dbf7
1.2 Unconfirmed-Contact-Reports-v1.2.pdf 10321957 d60b5d9068d2770baf24ebee82a8e0f6


M1 - Dead Planet

ver filename size md5sum
1.0wip Dead-Planet-v1.0wip.pdf 6556913 3bd2d4eb974f1cf8fa08b5b82921fd98
1.0 Dead-Planet-v1.0.pdf 16260329 44180553c120a0fc79f53568becba323
1.2 Dead-Planet-v1.2.pdf 9477472 7fcd5b574a6fe840fe77fb9da270d7f1

M2 - A Pound of Flesh

ver filename size md5sum
1.0wip APOF-v1.0wip.pdf 10005074 d3597e2a9d5adb00d044e1257fb59b17
1.0 APOF-v1.0.pdf 10047424 221c2c84d9b5a86a2a338c9cb362eb87
1.2 A-Pound-of-Flesh-v1.2.pdf 6197390 3e9dc7d452847f841a93fb0dab28a514

M3 - Gradient Descent

ver filename size md5sum
1.3wip4 Gradient-Descent-v1.3-for-backers.pdf 89657130 c1c69e46f11827f83582420cab1432ac
1.0 Gradient-Descent-v1.0.pdf 89660472 4963aa5bc003ac46173418eab0f4517a
1.1 Gradient-Descent-v1.1.pdf 89660828 f31c37a7966930163b016a42ac5347c0
1.2 Gradient-Descent-v1.2.pdf 10478631 53feb3547274952e7f2c056984795164

M4 - Another Bug Hunt

ver filename size md5sum
0.1 ABH-Scenario-01-Preview.pdf 1259938 3bd211febc08aa9eeb846b7bcb66343d
1.1 Another-Bug-Hunt-v1.1.pdf 29889355 9a9af036a347e76900168387256a8cd9
1.2 Another-Bug-Hunt-v1.2.pdf 19403824 232189801ce85d15e953d91fb730fd76

One Shots

S1 - The Haunting of Ypsilon 14

ver filename size md5sum
1.1 Haunting-of-Ypsilon-14-v1.1.pdf 897532 31b68c80b6b1539adda505fa61bf74a0


ver filename size md5sum
Mothership-Ypsilon-14-Blue-Cassette.mp3 2650539 b51ea6fe570fd9768bd30a551caf34c8
Mothership-Ypsilon-14-White-Cassette.mp3 739866 28eb2072ebb64fa2c697931273b9f1a2
Mothership-Ypsilon-14-Yellow-Cassette.mp3 508357 7df7a38e38f85cb13bcad78249cd058b

S2 - Hideo’s World

ver filename size md5sum
1.1 Mothership-Hideo’s-World-v1.1.pdf 3229087 898a18519cf0b4210732ecade6388edb
Mothership-Hideo’s Lounge-by-Nate-Treme.mp3 9940294 d52785f6e98ca05bbc8635cddf0447ae

S3 - Terminal Delays

the irony, it burns

ver filename size md5sum
1.1 Mothership-Terminal-Delays-v1.1.pdf 7347203 b5b88b420a52494ca5bab42d127b04dd

S4 - Chromatic Transference

ver filename size md5sum
1.1 Mothership-Chromatic-Transference-v1.1.pdf 1739766 6cba8a6d9c9fc710017b61ffa40151e0

S5 - Piece by Piece

ver filename size md5sum
1.1 Mothership-Piece-by-Piece-v1.1.pdf 2935487 030457c886669b9171ee018f2dd8b3a0

S6 - Cryonambulism

ver filename size md5sum
1.1 Mothership-Cryonambulism-v1.1.pdf 242721 6650bb0af2145f32f4074f670b0fc6c7


A1 - Hackers Handbook

ver filename size md5sum
1.2 Mothership-Hackers-Guide-v1.2.pdf 3393372 e28edc25e840b2dd85c02c512cf13b14

A2 - Conversion Kit

ver filename size md5sum
0.1 Mothership-Conversion-Kit-v0.1.pdf 41316 12da988934851666fc66e5afa7a55ca9
1.1 Mothership-Conversion-Kit-v1.1.pdf 32710 9d4cd608d95c0b7333dcf1fe066cc148

A3 - Module Conversion Kit

ver filename size md5sum
1.0 Mothership-Module-Conversion-Kit-v1.0.pdf 102762 825e5a8b8520301b2bf108defc4d0c95


Other files and bits and pieces I’ve collected along the way.

Players Sheets

ver filename size md5sum
5.9 Mothership-1e-Character-Sheet-v5.9.pdf 969438 7691818a0e4c38637acea2736a06a1c6
5.11 Mothership-Character-Sheet-v5.11.pdf 843583 35d3c4169d7c4dd92df3bb989d3eac32
5.12 Mothership-Character-Sheet-v5.12.pdf 980015 e94f133bb42b50ab9cb295b986a37842
Character Sheet Form Fillable.pdf 125063 58eb34cc305f86fcd0895be3fd62a58f
Advanced Character Sheet Form Fillable.pdf 52234 d3cf5fd476ec05fe6b41e0d1f07def9d
Ship Manifest Form Fillable.pdf 105725 aaf77edc279ce18db1701bfce28d1d66

Warden Screen

ver filename size md5sum
9 Warden’s-Screen-v9.pdf 232900 4d7057c5a83def928cb753fe85033068

Extras for 0e

These extras are from the Mothership Resources & Downloads page.

ver filename size md5sum
0e Mothership-Cheat-Sheet.pdf 98460 a7fdc1606a084f580d3313444f442c28
0e Mothership-Character-Sheet.pdf 4594767 b67b8dbd7648dde02ad95f063c7240a5
0e Mothership-Ship-Sheet.pdf 4788215 bf8e6d99d03d473707836b630510e579
0e Android-Origins.pdf 162229 34cf609eb4a83aeb348c54e13be058b9
0e Mothership-Mercenaries-Sheet.pdf 1504847 83ff6892603cc75fcb7370c1ca07ffba
0e Mothership-Dead-Planet-Maps.pdf 1445483 965cc5dd1fafa66fe5d083588ca5597b
0e Mothership-dead-planet-jump-drive-malfunctions.pdf 3807104 3b81f8c1e2bb9a5cf5b75d30c6c2bbc1

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  1. released with the same version number, “a” was added by me as a convienience↩︎

  2. released with the same version number, “a” was added by me as a convienience↩︎

  3. released with the same version number, “a” was added by me as a convienience↩︎

  4. despite the numbering, 1.3wip is an earlier release↩︎