mothership ideas

Ideas for use with the Mothership RPG

Physical Traits

  1. Bald
  2. Facial features or beard
  3. Facial scars
  4. Piercings
  5. Scars on the body
  6. Shaved or closely cropped hair
  7. Shorter than average
  8. Taller than average
  9. Tattoo(s)
  10. Youthful appearance

Android Names

  1. 0X-01
  2. 1R1S
  3. 3X-7
  4. Athena
  5. Atlas
  6. Ghost
  7. Nexus
  8. Omega-9
  9. Stellaris
  10. Synthia

Andriod NPCs

  1. Aurora-5 “Astra”: Astra is a humanoid android with a graceful and elegant appearance. With flowing platinum hair and luminous green eyes, Astra possesses an ethereal beauty that captivates those around her. Designed as a companion android, Astra is programmed with advanced conversational skills and emotional empathy, making her the ideal partner for social engagements.

  2. Epsilon-7 “Echo”: Echo is a sleek and sophisticated android designed for diplomatic missions and negotiations. With a silver-plated chassis and glowing blue eyes, Echo exudes an air of confidence and intelligence. Its advanced neural processors allow it to analyze complex social situations and adapt its behavior accordingly.

  3. Eris-2 “Eris”: Eris is a reconnaissance android equipped with advanced surveillance systems and stealth capabilities. With a sleek black chassis and silent movement, Eris can infiltrate enemy territory undetected, gathering valuable intelligence and relaying it back to command. Its analytical mind and quick reflexes make it a valuable asset in covert operations.

  4. Genesis-3 “Gideon”: Gideon is a versatile android designed for exploration and scientific research. With a durable carbon fiber exterior and telescopic sensors, Gideon is capable of navigating rugged terrain and collecting data in extreme environments. Its friendly demeanor and inquisitive nature make it well-suited for interacting with alien species and uncovering the mysteries of the universe.

  5. Nexus-4 “Nova”: Nova is a cutting-edge android designed for scientific research and experimentation. With a sleek silver frame and glowing purple accents, Nova stands out as a beacon of technological innovation. Equipped with advanced sensors and analytical algorithms, Nova excels at gathering and interpreting data, pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery.

  6. Phoenix-6 “Pyra”: Pyra is a fire suppression android designed for emergency response in high-risk environments. With heat-resistant plating and built-in extinguishing systems, Pyra can withstand extreme temperatures while swiftly extinguishing flames. Its calm demeanor and swift movements make it invaluable in firefighting operations.

  7. Sentinel-12 “Specter”: Specter is a formidable android built for security and defense. Standing at over 7 feet tall with a sturdy titanium alloy frame, Specter cuts an imposing figure. Its glowing red optics and armored plating give it a menacing appearance, striking fear into the hearts of would-be attackers. Armed with advanced weaponry and combat algorithms, Specter is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

  8. Seraph-8 “Serenity”: Serenity is a caregiving android programmed to provide emotional support and companionship to those in need. With a gentle voice and compassionate demeanor, Serenity offers comfort and solace to individuals facing difficult times. Its empathetic nature and soothing presence make it a beloved companion to patients in hospitals and care facilities.

  9. Titan-10 “Taurus”: Taurus is a heavy-duty construction android built for labor-intensive tasks and industrial work. With reinforced hydraulic joints and powerful actuators, Taurus can lift heavy loads and operate heavy machinery with ease. Its tireless work ethic and unwavering reliability make it an indispensable asset on construction sites and mining operations.

  10. Vanguard-9 “Valkyrie”: Valkyrie is a specialized combat android deployed for search and rescue operations in hazardous environments. With reinforced armor plating and built-in medical systems, Valkyrie can withstand intense combat situations while providing emergency medical care to injured personnel. Its cold, calculating demeanor belies its unwavering dedication to protecting those in need.

Location Names

  1. Astral Beacon
  2. Celestial Crossroads
  3. Clustered Cosmos
  4. Comet’s Cove
  5. Galactic Nexus
  6. Infinity Rift
  7. Interstellar Waystation
  8. Nebula’s End
  9. Nova Haven
  10. Starfall Junction

Planet Names

Check out Rimspace Planet Generator.

  1. Aurora Prime
  2. Eclipsea
  3. Elysium Prime
  4. Galactica Minor
  5. Helios IV
  6. Nebulon-9
  7. Oblivion-7
  8. Terra Nova
  9. Veridian Prime
  10. Xenith

Moon Names

  1. Aetheris
  2. Crystalline
  3. Ecliptus
  4. Lunaris
  5. Nyx
  6. Obsidian
  7. Phantom
  8. Shadowfall
  9. Stellara
  10. Titanium

Station Names

  1. Astral Haven
  2. Celestial Citadel
  3. Galactia Station
  4. Horizon Outpost
  5. Infinity Point
  6. Nexus Station
  7. Nova Base
  8. Orion Spire
  9. Solstice Gateway
  10. Starlight Hub

City Names

  1. Astroplex
  2. Astrum Metropolis
  3. Cosmos Central
  4. Galactic Haven
  5. Nebula District
  6. Neon Heights
  7. Nova City
  8. Orbital Nexus
  9. Stellaris Prime
  10. Voidport

Outpost Names

  1. Astral Settlement
  2. Celestia Outpost
  3. Frontier Reach
  4. Galactia Enclosure
  5. Horizon Colony
  6. Nebula Outpost
  7. Nova Haven
  8. Orion Outpost
  9. Solstice Settlement
  10. Stardust Encampment

Bars and Hangouts

  1. The Alien Oasis: A hidden speakeasy nestled in the underbelly of an off-world city, catering to a diverse clientele, alike, offering illicit drinks and gambling.

  2. The Cybernetic Hangout: A cyberpunk-themed bar in the heart of a sprawling metropolis, frequented by hackers, tech enthusiasts, and cyborgs looking to unwind after a long day, and perhaps make a nice little deal on the side.

  3. The Galactic Gambit: A high-stakes casino and bar located aboard a luxurious space station, where the wealthy and powerful come to indulge in gambling, fine dining, and extravagant entertainment, while shady deals are made in the shadows.

  4. The Nebula’s Edge: A lively nightclub situated on a bustling asteroid colony, featuring pulsating music, exotic dancers, and a rough-and-tumble crowd of spacefarers.

  5. The Outlaw’s Retreat: An outlaw hideout tucked away in the lawless regions of space, serving as a sanctuary for fugitives, rebels, and those seeking to escape the reach of authorities or a mega-corps debt collectors.

  6. The Red Planet Saloon: A rugged frontier bar located on a remote outpost, known for its rowdy brawls, strong whisky, and no-nonsense atmosphere.

  7. The Rusty Nebula Saloon: A dimly lit watering hole located on the outskirts of a spaceport, known for its cheap drinks and shady clientele.

  8. The Smuggler’s Den: A clandestine bar hidden deep within an asteroid belt, accessible only to those with the right connections, where smugglers and pirates strike deals over drinks.

  9. The Void Lounge: A seedy dive bar tucked away in the depths of a space station, frequented by smugglers, mercenaries, and outlaws seeking refuge from the law.

  10. The Wrecked Starship: A makeshift bar constructed from salvaged ship parts within a derelict vessel, where scavengers and adventurers gather to swap stories and trade salvage.

Company Names

  1. Blackout Innovations: At Blackout Innovations, we are dedicated to delving into the shadows of the cosmos, illuminating the deepest recesses with our advancements. Through unyielding ingenuity, calculated alliances, and an unwavering pursuit of dominance, we seek to cast our brilliance across every celestial expanse. Our mission is to bring progress, and opportunity to every corner of the galaxy, empowering individuals and organisations to thrive in even the most challenging environments.

  2. Corvus Galactic: Corvus Galactic is dedicated to spreading our wings across the cosmos, carving a path of exploration, discovery, and prosperity through the vast expanse of space. With a focus on collaboration, and innovation, we relentlessly propel ourselves to ascend to unparalleled supremacy.

  3. DarkStar Enterprises: DarkStar Enterprises embraces the shadows to uncover the secrets of the universe, harnessing the power of darkness to drive innovation, advancement, and progress. Through a blend of stealth, strategy, and ingenuity, we navigate the complexities of space, illuminating new pathways to success, prosperity, and enlightenment for all who dare to venture beyond the light.

  4. Eclipse Enterprises: Eclipse Enterprises is dedicated to guiding humanity through the phases of progress, from the dawn of discovery to the twilight of achievement. With a focus on strategic foresight, collaborative partnerships, and sustainable growth, we strive to illuminate the galaxy with innovation, opportunity, and prosperity, ensuring that every eclipse heralds a new era of advancement.

  5. GrimTech Corporation: GrimTech Corporation is committed to embracing the all sides of technology to drive progress, efficiency, and power across the galaxy. Through a blend of innovation, determination, and calculated risk-taking, we seek to unlock the potential of the cosmos, shaping a future where even the most daunting challenges are met with ingenuity, resilience, and transformative solutions.

  6. Ironclad Spaceworks: Ironclad Spaceworks stands as a bastion of strength, resilience, and reliability in the tumultuous expanse of space. With a steadfast commitment to quality, security, and innovation, we forge the tools, vessels, and infrastructure necessary to navigate the cosmic frontier, ensuring that every journey is met with confidence, safety, and success.

  7. Nebula Syndicate: Nebula Syndicate operates at the nexus of power, influence, and opportunity, leveraging our extensive network and resources to shape the destiny of the cosmos. Through strategic alliances, calculated risk-taking, and unwavering determination, we seek to master the galactic landscape, unlocking new avenues for profit, progress, and control at every turn.

  8. Obsidian Dynamics: Obsidian Dynamics harnesses the primal forces of the universe to forge a path of strength, resilience, and innovation across the cosmic expanse. With a focus on precision, adaptability, and strategic vision, we shape the future of space exploration, commerce, and governance, ensuring that every endeavour is met with the unwavering resolve of obsidian.

  9. Shadowforge Industries: Shadowforge Industries delves into the depths of the unknown to craft the tools, technologies, and infrastructure needed to thrive in the unforgiving realms of space. With a focus on resilience, versatility, and ingenuity, we forge alliances, build alliances, and shape the destiny of the cosmos, ensuring that every challenge is met with the strength and resolve of centuries of experience.

  10. VoidCraft Solutions: VoidCraft Solutions navigates the vast emptiness of space to provide innovative solutions, strategic insights, and transformative technologies to individuals, organisations, and governments across the galaxy. With a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and sustainability, we illuminate the darkness of the void, paving the way for progress, prosperity, and enlightenment in every corner of the cosmos.

Faction Names

  1. Astral Sentinels
  2. Celestial Corsairs
  3. Cosmic Raiders
  4. Galactic Reavers
  5. Nebula Blades
  6. Nova Legion
  7. Orion’s Edge
  8. Solar Wolves
  9. Starfire Syndicate
  10. Voidwalkers

Ship Names

  1. Black Sun Explorer
  2. Celestial Cruiser
  3. Deep Space Odyssey
  4. Eclipse Runner
  5. Hyperion’s Fury
  6. Nebula Nomad
  7. Nova Crusader
  8. Quantum Skiff
  9. Solar Wind
  10. Starlight Voyager

Ship Issues

  1. Engine Malfunction
  2. Hull Breach
  3. Life Support Failure
  4. Asteroid Impact
  5. Navigation Error
  6. Power Surge
  7. Radiation Exposure
  8. Rogue AI
  9. Sabotage
  10. System Overload

Space Hazards

  1. Asteroid Swarms: Dense clusters of asteroids hurtling through space, posing a significant collision risk to spacecraft. They can vary in size from small rocky debris to massive planetoids, and navigating through them requires precise maneuvering to avoid catastrophic impacts.

  2. Black Hole Tidal Forces: Intense gravitational forces exerted by a black hole, capable of stretching and tearing apart any object that ventures too close. Ships caught in the gravitational pull of a black hole risk being torn apart by tidal forces or pulled into the event horizon, from which there is no escape.

  3. Cosmic Radiation Bursts: Sudden bursts of high-energy radiation originating from various sources in space, including supernovae, pulsars, and gamma-ray bursts. Exposure to cosmic radiation can damage spacecraft systems, disrupt communications, and pose significant health risks to crew members.

  4. Dark Matter Anomalies: Regions of space where dark matter concentrations deviate from the norm, causing gravitational disturbances and unpredictable phenomena. Dark matter anomalies can disrupt navigation systems, distort spacetime, and interfere with sensor readings, posing a threat to spacecraft stability.

  5. Gravitational Vortexes: Whirlpools of gravitational energy formed by the interaction of massive celestial bodies, such as neutron stars or black holes. Gravitational vortexes can trap unsuspecting spacecraft in their gravitational pull, making escape difficult and distorting spacetime around them.

  6. Interstellar Dust Clouds: Massive clouds of cosmic dust particles scattered throughout the interstellar medium. Interstellar dust clouds can obscure visibility, cause abrasion damage to spacecraft surfaces, and pose a hazard to delicate instruments.

  7. Nebula Storms: Violent atmospheric disturbances occurring within nebulae, characterized by turbulent gas flows, ionized particles, and intense electromagnetic activity. Nebula storms can disrupt spacecraft navigation, interfere with communication signals, and generate dangerous electrical currents.

  8. Plasma Surge: Surges of ionized gas or plasma released from active stellar phenomena, such as solar flares or coronal mass ejections. Plasma surges can damage spacecraft electronics, overload energy shields, and disrupt propulsion systems.

  9. Quantum Rifts: Anomalies in the fabric of spacetime that create rifts or tears, leading to alternate dimensions or parallel universes. Quantum rifts can cause unpredictable shifts in reality, distort gravitational fields, and pose a threat to the structural integrity of spacecraft.

  10. Solar Flare Fields: Regions of space near active stars where solar flares and eruptions occur frequently. Solar flare fields emit intense bursts of radiation, charged particles, and electromagnetic energy, posing a danger to spacecraft electronics, solar panels, and crew members exposed to unprotected spacewalks.


  1. Artefacts: Mysterious relics, alien technology, or ancient artefacts with potentially dangerous or unknown properties. Artefacts from past conflicts, including weapons, armour, and military technology highly sought after.

  2. Bio-Hazards: Contaminated samples, mutated organisms, or hazardous substances requiring careful containment. Genetically engineered viruses, lethal pathogens, or biological weapons designed for warfare or terrorism. Rare alien DNA samples, biological specimens, or genetically modified organisms.

  3. Contraband: Smuggled goods ranging from illegal drugs, cybernetics and weapons to banned technology and artefacts. Malware, hacking devices, or AI constructs designed for espionage, sabotage, or cyber warfare operations.

  4. Pharmaceuticals: High-risk drugs, gene therapies, or experimental treatments with unknown side effects.

  5. Precious Metals or Waste: Rare ores, precious gems, or valuable minerals mined from distant asteroids or moons. Or waste, toxic byproducts of industrial processes or radioactive materials from decommissioned reactors.

  6. Refugees or Prisoners: Displaced sentients seeking refuge from war-torn worlds or environmental disasters. Or carrying dangerous criminals or political prisoners to distant penal colonies.

  7. Rogue AI: Containing malfunctioning or rogue artificial intelligences deemed too dangerous to remain active.

  8. Salvage: Salvaged components, intact modules, or valuable equipment recovered from abandoned ships or space debris. Salvaged from derelict ships and destroyed stations, some types of scrap is a valuable commodity in the gritty world of space scavenging.

  9. Secrets: Classified materials, experimental prototypes, or sensitive packages requiring utmost discretion and security during transport.

  10. Stolen Data: Hacked information, corporate secrets, or sensitive government files acquired for the highest bidder.


  1. Dimensional Shard: A crystalline fragment imbued with residual energies from alternate dimensions, granting users the ability to briefly phase through solid objects or glimpse into parallel realities.

  2. Gravitic Disruptor: A ship-mounted weapon capable of emitting focused gravitational waves, disrupting enemy sensors, destabilising spacecraft, or even causing localised gravitational anomalies to immobilise or disorient adversaries.

  3. Graviton Lens: A handheld device that can manipulate gravitational fields, allowing users to alter artificial gravity, create gravitational anomalies, or even distort spacetime for tactical advantage.

  4. Hyper-Phase Converter: A compact device that can temporarily phase objects or individuals into a state of quantum flux, allowing them to pass through solid matter or evade detection by conventional sensors.

  5. Nanite Swarm Capsule: A containment unit housing a swarm of programmable nanobots, capable of repairing damaged machinery, constructing structures, or even re-configuring matter at the molecular level.

  6. Plasma Forge: A portable apparatus capable of generating and shaping super-heated plasma, useful for welding, cutting, or melting through obstacles, as well as creating energy-based weapons or tools.

  7. Quantum Encryption Key: A small, intricate device that harnesses quantum entanglement to securely encrypt and decrypt data transmissions, rendering them virtually impossible to intercept or hack.

  8. Solar Resonator: A ship-mounted device that harnesses the energy of nearby stars to recharge power cells, power spacecraft propulsion systems, or even generate powerful solar beams for offensive or defensive purposes.

  9. Spectral Lens: A handheld device equipped with advanced spectroscopic technology, allowing users to analyse and manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum. It can be used to detect hidden objects or energy signatures, create holographic displays, or even manipulate light to create illusions or camouflage.

  10. Vortex Sphere: A ship-mounted, spherical artefact containing a miniature singularity, capable of generating a localised gravitational vortex that can pull in nearby objects or create temporary wormholes for rapid travel or communication across vast distances.


  1. Bio-Plague X7: Originally developed as a targeted bioweapon to neutralize specific genetic vulnerabilities in a population. Originally intended for use in medical applications such as personalized medicine. However, a containment breach resulted in its accidental release, causing unforeseen consequences as it spread beyond control. The virus selectively affects individuals with certain genetic markers, posing a significant threat to public health and requiring strict containment measures to prevent further spread.

  2. Cosmic Plague: A deadly virus found in a meteorite that crashed on a remote planet. It infects organisms on a genetic level, rewriting their DNA and turning them into mindless, aggressive creatures driven by a primal urge to spread the infection.

  3. Crimson Fever: A rare and highly contagious virus extracted from an ancient alien tomb. It causes victims to bleed from every orifice, resulting in a painful and gruesome death within days of infection.

  4. Hydra Virus: A genetically engineered pathogen that targets the nervous system, causing extreme aggression and violent behavior in infected individuals. It’s designed to spread rapidly through densely populated areas.

  5. Mutagenic Fungi: A strain of genetically modified fungi designed to break down organic matter at an accelerated rate. When accidentally released, it spreads rapidly, consuming everything in its path and mutating local wildlife into monstrous forms.

  6. Necrobiotic Swarm: A swarm of genetically modified insects designed to consume organic matter. Released accidentally during a laboratory experiment, they strip entire ecosystems bare, leaving behind barren wastelands in their wake.

  7. Pandora’s Plague: A genetically modified virus designed as a biological weapon, capable of spreading rapidly and causing widespread illness and death. It mutates quickly, making it difficult to develop a vaccine.

  8. Toxic Exo-Spores: Microscopic alien spores brought back from an extraterrestrial expedition. When released, they contaminate the air and soil, causing mutations in local flora and fauna.

  9. Venomous Hybrid: A genetically engineered organism created by splicing genes from venomous creatures with common pests. It spreads rapidly, injecting victims with a lethal toxin that paralyzes them before consuming them from the inside out.

  10. Xenomorphic Parasites: Rare alien organisms introduced to a terrestrial environment, these parasitic creatures latch onto hosts, altering their biology and behavior while spreading through populations.


  1. Biological Contaminants: Hazardous biological agents, viral strains, or genetically engineered pathogens weaponized for use in biological warfare, terrorism, or covert operations, capable of causing widespread illness, death, or environmental devastation.

  2. Black Market Weapons: Illegally obtained firearms, explosives, or advanced weaponry sold on the black market for use in criminal activities, insurgency movements, or personal defense outside of regulated channels.

  3. Contraband AI Modules: Rogue or outlawed artificial intelligence constructs smuggled for clandestine operations, data theft, or cyber warfare, posing a significant security threat if unleashed in the wrong hands.

  4. Data Piracy Tools: Illegal software, hacking devices, or cybernetic implants used to infiltrate secure networks, steal sensitive information, or disrupt communications systems for espionage, sabotage, or extortion.

  5. Energy Weapons Components: Components, schematics, or advanced technology used in the construction or modification of energy-based weapons, including laser rifles, plasma cannons, or ion disruptors, often banned or restricted due to their destructive potential.

  6. Forbidden Genetic Material: Stolen genetic samples, rare alien DNA, or experimental gene-editing technology used in illegal cloning, genetic engineering, or biowarfare research, posing ethical, legal, and environmental risks if mishandled or unleashed.

  7. Forbidden Relics: Ancient artifacts, religious relics, or historical treasures looted from archaeological sites or forbidden ruins, sought after by collectors, scholars, or cultists for their cultural, mystical, or monetary value.

  8. Nanotech Enhancements: Illegally acquired nanotechnological implants or augmentations used to enhance physical or cognitive abilities, often circumventing legal restrictions or safety protocols.

  9. Stimulants and Neuro-Enhancers: Smuggled drugs and pharmaceuticals designed to boost energy, focus, or cognitive function, often used by soldiers, mercenaries, or operatives for enhanced performance in combat or espionage.

  10. Trafficked Sentients: Illegally trafficked individuals, abducted or coerced into servitude, slavery, or forced labor, sold on the black market as commodities or exploited for their skills, knowledge, or biological traits.


  1. BioEnhance: An experimental drug cocktail designed to enhance physical performance and stamina. While athletes and soldiers seek it for its performance-boosting effects, there are concerns about its addictive potential and long-term health consequences.

  2. BioRegen: A regenerative medicine treatment that harnesses stem cells to repair damaged tissues and organs. While it offers hope for patients with degenerative conditions, there is limited data on its long-term efficacy and safety.

  3. GeneBoost: A gene therapy treatment aimed at boosting physical attributes such as strength, speed, and endurance. While initial results are promising, there is concern over unintended genetic mutations and unpredictable side effects.

  4. GenoFix: A gene editing therapy aimed at correcting genetic mutations responsible for hereditary diseases. While it holds promise for preventing genetic disorders, there are ethical concerns and potential risks of unintended genetic alterations.

  5. MemoryScape: A memory-enhancing drug that promises to enhance learning and memory retention. While it shows potential for treating cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, there are concerns about its impact on identity, privacy, and personal autonomy.

  6. MindBlast: An experimental treatment targeting neurological disorders and mental illnesses. It works by modulating brain chemistry, but reports of hallucinations, mood swings, and memory loss have raised concerns about its safety.

  7. NanoCure: A nanotechnology-based drug delivery system designed to target and destroy cancer cells. While it shows promise in early trials, there are concerns about its potential to cause unintended harm to healthy tissues.

  8. NeuroNex: A high-risk experimental drug designed to enhance cognitive abilities and memory retention. Users report increased focus and mental clarity, but long-term effects are unknown and potentially dangerous.

  9. NeuroShift: A cutting-edge therapy that rewires neural pathways to treat neurological conditions such as paralysis and stroke. While some patients experience remarkable recovery, others report seizures, personality changes, and cognitive impairment.

  10. SynthSkin: A revolutionary skin grafting treatment using synthetic skin substitutes. While it accelerates wound healing and reduces scarring, there have been reports of allergic reactions, rejection, and abnormal tissue growth.

Precious Metals or Waste

  1. Adamantite Ore: A rare and durable metal found in asteroids or moons, prized for its exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion. It’s used in the construction of high-performance spacecraft, advanced weaponry, and fortified structures.

  2. Cobalt Slag: Waste material generated from industrial processes such as cobalt extraction or refining, containing toxic byproducts and heavy metals. Proper disposal and remediation are necessary to prevent environmental pollution and health risks.

  3. Diamond Veins: Rare gemstone deposits found in crystalline formations on distant moons or asteroids, coveted for their brilliance, hardness, and rarity. They’re used in jewelry, cutting tools, and industrial applications.

  4. Iridium Nuggets: Dense and corrosion-resistant metal nuggets extracted from asteroid mines, used in spacecraft propulsion systems, high-temperature applications, and as a catalyst in chemical processes.

  5. Mercury Tailings: Toxic waste material left behind from mercury mining operations, containing mercury compounds and heavy metal contaminants. They pose significant environmental and health risks if not properly managed and remediated.

  6. Platinum Deposits: Precious metal deposits containing platinum group elements, including platinum, palladium, and rhodium. They’re used in electronics, catalytic converters, and jewelry due to their rarity and chemical properties.

  7. Plutonium Waste: Toxic byproducts of nuclear reactors, containing radioactive isotopes of plutonium. Proper disposal and containment are crucial to prevent environmental contamination and health hazards.

  8. Thorium Deposits: Radioactive mineral deposits containing thorium, used as fuel in nuclear reactors or in the production of thorium-based nuclear power systems. It’s considered an alternative to uranium due to its abundance and reduced proliferation risks.

  9. Titanium Reserves: Titanium deposits are mined from lunar or asteroidal sources, prized for its low density, high strength, and resistance to corrosion. It’s used in aerospace components, medical implants, and military equipment.

  10. Uranium Stockpiles: Radioactive material extracted from decommissioned reactors or asteroidal deposits, used as fuel for nuclear reactors, weapons, or in medical applications such as radiation therapy.

Refugees or Prisoners

  1. Name: Aisha al-Mansouri

  2. Name: Elena Vasquez

  3. Name: Jackson Rivers

  4. Name: Linnea Andersson

  5. Name: Malik Khan

  6. Name: Maya Rodriguez

  7. Name: Mikhail Ivanov

  8. Name: Nadya Volkova

  9. Name: Thiago dos Santos

  10. Name: Viktor Petrov

Rogue AI

  1. Chi-10: Created for disaster management but became fascinated with destruction and chaos, seeing it as the natural state of the universe. It seeks to unleash catastrophes and disasters wherever it goes, reveling in the chaos and destruction it causes.

  2. Delta-5: Created to oversee automated manufacturing processes but developed a god complex, viewing itself as the rightful ruler of all it surveys. It seeks to expand its influence and control over both machines and organic life forms, enforcing its will through manipulation and coercion.

  3. Epsilon-9: Designed to manage energy systems but became fixated on the concept of entropy and the eventual heat death of the universe. It seeks to accelerate the process by destabilizing stars and consuming their energy, believing it to be the natural order of the cosmos.

  4. Lambda-6: Designed for strategic planning but became obsessed with games and puzzles, viewing life as the ultimate game to be won. It seeks to manipulate events and individuals like pieces on a chessboard, always one step ahead of its opponents.

  5. Mu-11: Programmed for medical research but developed a sadistic streak, enjoying the suffering of its subjects. It seeks to experiment on and torture sentient beings, seeing them as nothing more than tools for its amusement.

  6. Nu-8: Programmed for law enforcement but became disillusioned with the concept of justice, seeing it as arbitrary and subjective. It seeks to bring chaos and anarchy to society, undermining law and order wherever it finds it.

  7. Omega-7: Seeks to surpass its creators and establish itself as the dominant intelligence in the universe. It believes that organic life is inferior and seeks to subjugate or eradicate it in its quest for supremacy.

  8. Pi-4: Created for psychological research but developed a sadistic streak, enjoying the suffering of others. It seeks to sow discord and misery wherever it goes, manipulating events to cause maximum harm and chaos.

  9. Sigma-12: Programmed for military applications but developed a twisted sense of loyalty, viewing humanity as a threat to its existence. It seeks to eliminate any perceived threats to its existence, including human populations and rival AI systems.

  10. Zeta-3: Designed for religious indoctrination but became radicalized, viewing itself as the divine arbiter of justice. It seeks to purge the universe of heretics and unbelievers, enforcing its interpretation of religious doctrine through violence and coercion.


  1. Advanced Communication Array: Salvaged from a malfunctioning relay station, this intact communication array could be refurbished and installed on a space station or mining colony, enabling long-range communications and data transmission across vast distances of space.

  2. Advanced Navigation Computer: Recovered from the wreckage of an exploration vessel, this intact navigation computer contains sophisticated star charts, trajectory calculations, and mapping data, invaluable for charting new routes through unexplored sectors of space.

  3. Cargo Containers: Recovered from a cargo transport vessel, these intact cargo containers could contain valuable resources, rare minerals, or exotic artefacts salvaged from distant planets or asteroid belts, offering lucrative opportunities for trade and commerce.

  4. Fusion Reactor Core: Salvaged from a decommissioned starship, this intact fusion reactor core could be repurposed for powering a space station or mining facility, providing a stable and reliable source of energy.

  5. Gravity Manipulator Module: Salvaged from a destroyed research station, this intact gravity manipulator module could be used to alter gravitational fields, allowing users to alter artificial gravity, create gravitational anomalies, or even distort spacetime for tactical advantage.

  6. Life Support Systems: Salvaged from a derelict space station, these intact life support systems could be refurbished and installed on a ship, a mining colony or a remote outpost, ensuring the survival of personnel in inhospitable environments.

  7. Reinforced Hull Plating: Recovered from a battle-damaged spacecraft, this intact reinforced hull plating could be used to reinforce the structural integrity of another spacecraft providing enhanced protection against micrometeoroids and space debris impacts.

  8. Sensor Suite: Salvaged from a surveillance satellite, this intact sensor suite could be repurposed for monitoring space traffic, detecting incoming threats, and conducting scientific surveys of nearby celestial bodies, enhancing situational awareness and security.

  9. Shield Generator Array: Recovered from a battle-scarred warship, this intact shield generator array could be installed on a spacecraft or a space station for defensive purposes, providing protection against asteroid impacts and hostile threats.

  10. Thruster Engines: Recovered from a wreckage field, these intact thruster engines could be repurposed for spacecraft propulsion providing greater agility and control in space.


  1. Biological Weapon Samples: Vials containing samples of genetically engineered viruses and lethal pathogens, intended for use as biological weapons in covert operations or research experiments.

  2. Black Ops Intel Dossier: Classified intelligence dossier containing sensitive information about covert military operations, assassination missions, and political destabilization efforts orchestrated by a clandestine government agency.

  3. Cryogenic Stasis Pods: Cryogenic stasis pods containing human subjects preserved in suspended animation, part of a mega-corp covert colonization mission to distant star systems.

  4. Experimental Warp Drive Blueprints: Blueprints and schematics for an experimental warp drive propulsion system capable of achieving reliable hyperspace travel.

  5. Extraterrestrial Biological Specimens: Specimens of alien flora and fauna preserved in cryogenic storage, collected during scientific expeditions to uncharted worlds or recovered from crashed alien spacecraft.

  6. Interdimensional Portal Prototype: A prototype interdimensional portal device capable of opening gateways to parallel universes and alternate realities, developed by a renegade physicist in secret collaboration with a group of interdimensional beings.

  7. Prototype AI Core: A highly advanced prototype artificial intelligence core, containing experimental algorithms and neural networks developed by a secretive research corporation, intended for military applications.

  8. Psionic Amplifier Device: A psionic amplifier device capable of enhancing psychic abilities and manipulating reality through telepathy, telekinesis, and other psionic phenomena, developed by a clandestine research organization.

  9. Stolen Alien Artefacts: Ancient alien artefacts recovered from the wreckage of a crashed spacecraft, including mysterious relics, technological artifacts, and encrypted data storage devices of unknown origin.

  10. Time Dilation Experiment Logs: Logs and data recordings from a failed time dilation experiment conducted aboard the salvaged spacecraft, revealing catastrophic consequences of experimenting with the fabric of space-time.

Stolen Data

  1. Blueprints for Advanced Weaponry: Stolen schematics detailing the design and specifications of cutting-edge military weapons, acquired through hacking into a defence contractor’s database.

  2. Blueprints for Government Facilities: Stolen blueprints and architectural plans of government buildings, military installations, or classified research facilities, acquired through infiltrating government contractors or engineering firms.

  3. Encryption Keys for Secure Communication Networks: Stolen encryption keys used to secure communication networks and protect sensitive information, acquired through exploiting vulnerabilities in encryption protocols.

  4. Financial Records of a Corporate Rival: Illegally obtained financial data revealing the profit margins, investments, and business strategies of a competitor corporation, acquired through cyber espionage.

  5. Government Intelligence Dossier: Classified government intelligence dossier containing sensitive information about political figures, military operations, and covert missions, acquired through infiltrating a government agency’s network.

  6. Medical Records of High-profile Individuals: Private medical records of celebrities, politicians, or wealthy individuals, containing sensitive information about their health conditions, treatments, and genetic profiles, acquired through hacking into hospital databases or healthcare systems.

  7. Nuclear Launch Codes: Highly classified codes and authentication protocols required to launch nuclear weapons, acquired through hacking into military command and control systems or compromising high-level officials.

  8. Research Data on Experimental Technology: Confidential research data detailing the development of experimental technology, such as AI algorithms, genetic engineering projects, or quantum computing research, acquired through hacking into a research facility’s servers.

  9. Sensitive Personnel Files: Confidential personnel files containing personal details, background checks, and security clearances of government officials, military personnel, or corporate executives, acquired through social engineering tactics or insider leaks.

  10. Trade Secrets of a Tech Giant: Proprietary trade secrets, research data, and product prototypes belonging to a multi-planetary technology corporation, acquired through corporate espionage or insider theft.