palour and tavern games

games locals are playing in the palours and taverns


This table can be used to roll a game or two that people are playing in a palour or tavern. Games played in palours tend to be more cerebral compared to games played in taverns. Games played in taverns more often than not lend themselves to gambling.

1d6 location game desc
1 Tavern Arm wrestling A basic feat of strength
2 Tavern Dice A test of luck
3 Tavern Darts A test of dexterity
4 Tavern Drinking A test of constitution
4 Tavern Pitch and Toss A test of dexterity
5 Both Cards
5 Both Ring toss
6 Tavern Knucklebones
6 Morra
Palour Backgammon

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In taverns, games often are wagered upon, both the participants and the onlookers.

Arm wrestling

An ad-hoc feat of strength against an opponent, the winner is whoever can push his opponents arm to the table.


Pitch and Toss



Darts in fantasy taverns aren’t like the modern game. Boards are generally makeshift using a cross section of a tree-trunk. Normally 2 or 3 concentric rings with a bullseye in the center. Closest throw to the bullseye earns more points, rules are often very similar to outdoor archery competions. Normally three darts are thrown, but the rules can vary quite a lot depending on region.



Who can quaff a pint fastest wins, it’s not terribly complicated and often results in much drunkery.

Drinking games can often be combined with a deck of cards, dice or coin flipping, taking it in turns and when a condition is met the loser drinks.


There are many variations of cards



Chetno i likho

knife game