Tyme of Lore

Clerical Spells


This spell will enabled the recipient to modify their dice roles by one for the remainder of the battle.
This spell will cure any superficial wounds and give $5 x plane HP$ back to the body part that is to recieve the benefit of this spell.
Holy Bolt
Upone the completion of this spell, the Cleric may strike any foe for 10HP. Location to be determined as for physical attacks.
Know Undead
The casting of this spell will give the Cleric knowledge of the type of undead creature that he is currently facing.
Protection From Evil
Depending upon the Cleric's disposition, the spell will add the Cleric's rank to his defensive total when fighting evil creatures.
The Cleric will be able to sense the evil in the target being. If the being is under the influence of an ALTER AURA or some similar spell, a MA vs MD roll applies