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Tracking my RPG books. This is mostly so I can not buy stop buying multiple copies.

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castles and crusades

cover name ?
cov-ccph Players Handbook
cov-ccmt Monsters & Treasure
cov-ccck Castle Keepers Guide

dungeon crawl classics

cover name ?
cov-dcc Dungeon Crawl Classics
cov-dcc-sss DCC Sailors on the Starless Sea

swords and wizardry

cover name ?
cov-sawc Swords and Wizardry Complete
cov-sawr Swords and Wizardry Revised
cov-sawreo Swords and Wizardry Revised Erol Otus
cov-lobl Legacy of Blackscale Lagoon

white box

cover name ?
cov-wbb White Box Blue Cover
cov-wbbw White Box BW Cover
cov-wbr White Box Red Cover

olde swords reign

cover name ?
cov-osr Olde Swords Reign
cov-osr-pg Olde Swords Reign Player’s Guide

…without number

cover name ?
cov-swn Stars Without Number
cov-wwn Worlds Without Number 1
cov-cwn Cities Without Number

other osr

OSR and OSR-like

cover name ?
cov-bhp Blueholme Prentice Rules
cov-bsh Black Sword Hack
cov-btsc Beneath the Sunken Catacombs
cov-cairn Cairn 2
cov-ham Heroes and Monsters
cov-itor Into the Odd Remastered
cov-Knave Knave (pdf)
cov-Knave2 Knave2 KS
cov-lfrpg Light Fantasy RPG
cov-lotfp Laminations of the Flame Princess
cov-mb Mörk Borg
cov-mom Monsters of Myth
cov-mr Maze Rats (pdf)
cov-oa Open Adventure
cov-osric-pg OSRIC Players Guide
cov-osric OSRIC
cov-Primer Primer
cov-ptf Praise the Fallen
cov-shadow Shadowdark RPG
cov-sision Sision Tower
cov-sojourn Sojourn
cov-tsh The Super Hack
cov-tosk Tomb of the Serpent Kings (pod)


Fate, Forged in the Dark, and FUDGE systems

# cover name ?
EHP0001 cov-EHP0001 Fate Core System
EHP0002 cov-EHP0002 Fate Accelerated
EHP0003 cov-EHP0003 Fate Worlds Worlds on Fire
EHP0004 cov-EHP0004 Fate Worlds Worlds in Shadow
EHP0005 cov-EHP0005 Fate System Toolkit
EHP0008 cov-EHP0008 The Secrets of Cats
EHP0019 cov-EHP0019 Venture City
EHP0020 cov-EHP0020 Fate Worlds Worlds Take Flight
EHP0021 cov-EHP0021 Fate Worlds Worlds Rise Up
EHP0030 cov-EHP0030 Blades in the Dark
EHP0034 cov-EHP0034 Fate Adversary Toolkit
EHP0039 cov-EHP0039 Fate Horror Toolkit
EHP0040 cov-EHP0040 Scum & Villainy
EHP0047 cov-EHP0047 Fate of Cthulhu
EHP0053 cov-EHP0053 Fate Space Toolkit
EHP0055 cov-EHP0055 Fate Condensed
EHP0057 cov-EHP0057 Fate Accessibility Toolkit
EHP0062 cov-EHP0062 Girl By Moonlight 3
EHP0069 cov-EHP0069 Thirsty Sword Lesbians
EHP9005 dic-EHP9005 Centurion Dice
EHP9015 dec-EHP9015 Deck of Fate
EHP9019 dic-EHP9019 Fire Dice
cov-fudge Fudge 10th Anniversary

girl by moonlight jumpstarts

Jumpstarts help you dive into each of the dramatically different genres of Magical Girl adventures.

cover name ?
cov-gbm-atbota At the Brink of the Abyss
cov-gbm-oasos On a Sea of Stars
cov-gbm-iamod In a Maze of Dreams
cov-gbm-bars Beneath a Rotting Sky

call of cthulhu

list of Call of Cthulhu books

cover name ?
cov-css Starter Set
cov-cih Investigators Handbook
cov-ckr Keeper Rulebook
cov-cks Keeper Screen
cov-cpc Pulp Cthulhu
cov-mms Malleus Monstrorum Slipcase
cov-cda Cthulhu Dark Ages
cov-chu Cthulhu Harlem Unbound
cov-dtd Doors to Darkness
cov-gtt Gateways to Terror
cov-dlo Dead Light & Other Dark Turns
cov-tta Through the Ages
cov-ckt Keeper Tips


Mothership cksums

cover name ?
cov-ms0e Mothership 0e Player’s Survival Guide (pdf)
cov-msbs Mothership 1e Deluxe Box Set KS
cov-mrpg-psg DBS: Player’s Survival Guide KS
cov-mrpg-sbt DBS: Shipbreaker’s Toolkit KS
cov-mrpg-wom DBS: Warden’s Operations Manual KS
cov-mrpg-ucr DBS: Unconfirmed Contact Reports KS
cov-mrpg-m1 DBS: Dead Planet KS
cov-mrpg-m2 DBS: A Pound of Flesh KS
cov-mrpg-m3 DBS: Gradient Descent KS
cov-mrpg-m4 DBS: Another Bug Hunt KS
cov-mrpg-s1 The Haunting of Ypsilon-14 (pdf) KS
cov-mrpg-s2 Hideo’s World (pdf) KS
cov-mrpg-s3 Terminal Delays (pdf) KS
cov-mrpg-s4 Chromatic Transference (pdf) KS
cov-mrpg-s5 Piece by Piece (pdf) KS
cov-mrpg-s6 Cryonambulism (pdf) KS
cov-mrpg-a1 Hacker’s Handbook (pdf) KS
cov-mrpg-a2 DBS: Conversion Kit KS
cov-mrpg-a3 Module Conversion Kit (pdf) KS
DBS: Monochrome d100 Dice Set KS
DBS: Hazard Yellow d20 Panic Dice KS
DBS: Poster Map KS
DBS: Tri-Fold Wardens Screen KS
DBS: 12 Punchboard Pawns KS
DBS: Deluxe Storage Box KS
Extra Storage Box KS
cov-mrpg-p5 DBS: Landing Crew Patch KS

3rd party

Mothership and mothership adjacent

cover name ?
cov-hb1 Hull Breach Vol. 1
cov-hbboc Breach of Contract
cov-nof Nirvana on Fire KS
cov-ce-rb Cloud Empress: Rulebook
cov-ce-loc Cloud Empress: Land of Cicadas
cov-ce-lvb Cloud Empress: Last Voyage of the Bean Barge
cov-ce-sp Cloud Empress: Solo Protocol
cov-scound Scoundrels
cov-sob-sd1 Scoundrels of Brixton SD1: Under a Hard Sun
cov-sob-sd2 Scoundrels of Brixton SD2: The Clean Hands

land of eem

cover name ?
cov-loecrh Core Rule Handbook backerkit
cov-loemss Mucklands Sandbox Setting backerkit
cov-loeb1h Bestiary Vol 1 backerkit

monty python

Monty Python’s Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme

cover name ?
cov-mpcmrpsmce Monty Python’s C.M.R.P Sensible Middle Class Edition
cov-mpcmrppse Monty Python’s C.M.R.P Public School Edition KS

world of darkness

cover name ?
cov-vtm2e Vampire Masquerade 2e
cov-wta2e Werewolf The Apocalypse 2e
cov-wpg1e Werewolf Players Guide 1e
cov-wss2e Werewolf Storytellers Screen 2e


list of Cyberpunk 2020 books

cover name ?
cov-cyberpunk-2020 Cyberpunk 2020
cov-blackhands Blackhand’s Street Weapons 2020
cov-livedirect Live & Direct
cov-eurotour Eurotour
cov-cyberpunk-red Cyberpunk Red

kids on…

cover name ?
cov-kids-on-bikes Kids on Bikes
cov-kids-on-bikes-2 Kids on Bikes 2e KS
cov-kids-on-brooms Kids on Brooms
cov-teens-in-space Teens in Space


cover name ?
cov-traveller Classic Traveller (pod)

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  1. Arrived damaged, will replace when shipping is less crazy due to Covid.↩︎

  2. I have two copies as one has minor water damage. Ironically it was so minor that I’ve mixed them up and can’t tell them apart.↩︎

  3. I have two copies; a hardcover offset print, and a print on demand by DriveThruRPG.↩︎