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Tracking my RPG books. This is mostly so I can not buy stop buying multiple copies.

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basic fantasy rpg

These links go to basicfantasy.org

# cover name ?
bf cov-bf-v1 Basic Fantasy 1
bf cov-bf-v3 Basic Fantasy 3 Soft Cover
bf cov-bf-v3 Basic Fantasy 3 Hard Cover
bf cov-bf-v4 Basic Fantasy 4 CC BY-SA
fg cov-bf-fg Field Guide
ee cov-bf-ee Equipment Emporium
aa1 cov-bf-aa1 Adventure Anthology 1
aa2 cov-bf-aa2 Adventure Anthology 2
cs1 cov-bf-cs1 Castle by the Sea
cs2 cov-bf-cs2 The Dark Temple
bf1 cov-bf-bf1 Morgansfort
bf2 cov-bf-bf2 Fortress, Tomb, and Tower
bf3 cov-bf-bf3 Strongholds of Sorcery
jn1 cov-bf-jn1 The Chaotic Caves
jn2 cov-bf-jn2 Monkey Isle
jn3 cov-bf-jn3 Saga of Giants
dc1 cov-bf-dc1 Tales from The Laughing Dragon
kh1 cov-bf-kh1 The Blackapple Brugh

iron falcon

cover name ?
cov-if-rcfr Rules for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing
cov-if-hom Handbook of Monsters
cov-if-ao Adventures One
cov-if-75 ’75: The Lakeside Adventures

odysseys & overlords

cover name ?
cov-oo-pb Odysseys & Overlords Player’s Guide
cov-oo-gmg Odysseys & Overlords Game Master’s Guide

castles and crusades

cover name ?
cov-ccph Players Handbook
cov-ccmt Monsters & Treasure
cov-ccck Castle Keepers Guide

…without number

cover name ?
cov-swn Stars Without Number
cov-wwn Worlds Without Number 1
cov-cwn Cities Without Number KS

other osr

OSR and OSR-like

cover name ?
cov-osric OSRIC
cov-mom Monsters of Myth
cov-saw Swords and Wizardry
cov-dcc Dungeon Crawl Classics
cov-itor Into the Odd Remastered
cov-mr Maze Rats (pdf)
cov-knave Knave (pdf)
cov-mb Mörk Borg
cov-wbbw White Box BW Cover
cov-wbr White Box Red Cover
cov-wbb White Box Blue Cover
cov-lotfp Laminations of the Flame Princess
cov-bsh Black Sword Hack
cov-cairn Cairn
cov-sojourn Sojourn
cov-tsh The Super Hack


Fate, Forged in the Dark, and FUDGE systems

# cover name ?
EHP0001 cov-EHP0001 Fate Core System
EHP0002 cov-EHP0002 Fate Accelerated
EHP0003 cov-EHP0003 Fate Worlds Worlds on Fire
EHP0004 cov-EHP0004 Fate Worlds Worlds in Shadow
EHP0005 cov-EHP0005 Fate System Toolkit
EHP0008 cov-EHP0008 The Secrets of Cats
EHP0019 cov-EHP0019 Venture City
EHP0020 cov-EHP0020 Fate Worlds Worlds Take Flight
EHP0021 cov-EHP0021 Fate Worlds Worlds Rise Up
EHP0030 cov-EHP0030 Blades in the Dark
EHP0034 cov-EHP0034 Fate Adversary Toolkit
EHP0039 cov-EHP0039 Fate Horror Toolkit
EHP0040 cov-EHP0040 Scum & Villainy
EHP0047 cov-EHP0047 Fate of Cthulhu
EHP0053 cov-EHP0053 Fate Space Toolkit
EHP0055 cov-EHP0055 Fate Condensed
EHP0057 cov-EHP0057 Fate Accessibility Toolkit
EHP0069 cov-EHP0069 Thirsty Sword Lesbians
EHP9005 dic-EHP9005 Centurion Dice
EHP9015 dec-EHP9015 Deck of Fate
EHP9019 dic-EHP9019 Fire Dice
cov-fudge Fudge 10th Anniversary

call of cthulhu

cover name ?
cov-css Starter Set
cov-cih Investigators Handbook
cov-ckr Keeper Rulebook
cov-cks Keeper Screen
cov-cpc Pulp Cthulhu
cov-cda Cthulhu Dark Ages ordered
cov-dtd Doors to Darkness


cover name ?
cov-ms0e Mothership 0e Player’s Survival Guide (pdf)
cov-msbs Mothership 1e Deluxe Box Set KS
MRPG-PSG (Deluxe Set) Players Survival Guidy KS
MRPG-WOM (Deluxe Set) Wardens Operations Manual KS
MRPG-UCR (Deluxe Set) Unconfirmed Contact Reports KS
MRPG-A02 (Deluxe Set) Conversion Kit Pamphlet KS
MRPG-M4 (Deluxe Set) Another Bug Hunt Adventure KS
MRPG-M1 (Deluxe Set) Dead Planet Adventure KS
MRPG-M2 (Deluxe Set) A Pound of Flesh Adventure KS
MRPG-M3 (Deluxe Set) Gradient Descent Adventure KS
(Deluxe Set) Monochrome d100 dice set KS
(Deluxe Set) Hazard Yellow d20 panic dice KS
(Deluxe Set) Poster Map KS
(Deluxe Set) Wardens Screen KS
(Deluxe Set) Punchboard Pawns KS
(Deluxe Set) Storage Box KS
MRPG-P5 (Deluxe Set) Iron-on Patch KS

3rd party

cover name ?
cov-hb1 Hull Breach Vol. 1 KS
cov-nof Nirvana on Fire KS
cov-ceesf Cloud Empress: Ecological Science Fantasy KS

land of eem

cover name ?
cov-loecrh Core Rule Handbook backerkit
cov-loemss Mucklands Sandbox Setting backerkit
cov-loeb1h Bestiary Vol 1 backerkit

monty python

Monty Python’s Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme

cover name ?
cov-mpcmrpsmce Monty Python’s C.M.R.P Sensible Middle Class Edition
cov-mpcmrppse Monty Python’s C.M.R.P Public School Edition KS

world of darkness

cover name ?
cov-vtm2e Vampire Masquerade 2e
cov-wta2e Werewolf The Apocalypse 2e
cov-wpg1e Werewolf Players Guide 1e
cov-wss2e Werewolf Storytellers Screen 2e


cover name ?
cov-cyberpunk-2020 Cyberpunk
cov-cyberpunk-red Cyberpunk Red

kids on…

cover name ?
cov-kids-on-bikes Kids on Bikes
cov-kids-on-bikes-2 Kids on Bikes 2e KS
cov-kids-on-brooms Kids on Brooms
cov-teens-in-space Teens in Space

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