rumours and happenings

d12 thing
1 A druken old man in the tavern talks loudly of missing tresures located in a abandoned dungeon
2 A local lord wants a challace for his collection, it’s located somewhere in the old dwarven mines that have become overridden with goblins
3 A merchent is looking for reliable people to help protect his wagon as it travels on the high road. What happened to the last guards?
4 A wizard needs a spell component, it only grows on the rocky slopes of a distant mountain
5 Deliveries of ale to the tavern have been going missing, but no one knows whats been happening to them
6 Local children have been seen going into the woods at night and have been returning …. different somehow
7 Strange lights have been appearing following folk around town, they seem harmless … for now
8 The daughter of a rich merchant has gone missing, she was last seen near the tavern and a reward has been offered for her return
9 Theres a wanted poster on the wall for a local outlaw leader and his gang. His group has been attacking travlers on the road
10 Three bored guards are playing dice, they mention that work is avaible to those good with a sword
11 Locals have seen a shadow flying over fields at night, and farmers have been losing sheep
12 A shadowy figure is hanging out in the tavern. What’s he want and whys he there?